Friday, August 25, 2006

North Texas/Southern Oklahoma Public Safety BBQ Cook-Off.

Couple of friends of mine over at Wichita County S.O. put a fund-raising group together, called "The Wichita County Sheriff's Posse". Each year they pick a local charity, and then spend the year raising funds for that charity.

October 14, they're going to be hosting the 1st Annual North Texas & Southern Oklahoma Public Safety BBQ Cook-Off.

If you're involved in Public Safety -- Fire Department, Hospital, Police Department, Rescue Squad, Sheriff's Office, anything having to do with the safety of the Public -- and you know your way around ribs, beans or brisket, why don't you consider swinging by the BBQ Cook-Off?

If you can't cook, but you know a Public Safety-type group that can, consider shooting them an e-mail heads up about this.

Good food for a good cause.



The Wolfman said...

think you could use some Army help? My friends in WF Recruiting station could help some if need be...

LawDog said...

I don't see why not, although I'm not part of the Posse.

Call the contact number and I'm sure Monte or Kenny would be glad to let you know.