Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Lebanese Magical Ambulance

I don't know if my Gentle Readers have been following the Red Cross incident in Lebanon, but it's been kind of fun to watch the crawfishing, subject-changing and spin involved in this one little story.

In summary, folks Who Ought To Know Better are claiming that during the recent dust-up in Lebanon, an ambulance carrying wounded was deliberately targeted by Israeli forces, who hit it with a missile.


For your enjoyment,
may I present this video
; feel free to pass it along to any Doubting Thomases.

Tip of the Stetson to Zombietime and The Jawa Report.



Flintlock Tom said...

We used to have a fine tradition of locking our demented, brain dead, first cousins in the basement to keep them from interacting with polite society. However, now, it seems that the accepted practice is to send them off to work for the "Main-Stream Media".
Have they learned nothing from Dan Rather?
When you're caught in a lie: Fess up.
Do not keep riding the dead horse.

Kiki B. said...

These are the same Anti-Semitic media outlets that crucified Mel Gibson recently for being Anti-Semitic.

"Woe unto you, Hypocrites"