Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hey! We're average!

Well, apparently once you break a hip, the average person has an 80% chance of breaking the other hip within six months.

We're average.


I've just gotten home after five hours in the E.R. Seems that Nana got tired of using the walker, cane and anything else that might slow her down, and did just about what the walker, cane and everything else was designed to prevent:

She took a tumble in the bathroom.

Got herself one fine shiner from jaw to hairline, a nice laceration to the back of her head and broke the non-bionic hip clean as a whistle.




Cybrludite said...

Geeze, when it rains, it pours! Best wishes to your Nana for a speedy recovery...

Rabbit said...

That's an accurate statistic. My dad did the same thing. Broke the first on July 4th, the second between Christmas and New Year's.

Curmudgeon he was, he refused rehab while in the hospital for each event and was discharged as 'non-compliant', which is what he wanted. He never walked again after that.

You listening, J.G.?

Phoenix Ravenflame said...

Since you didn't say otherwise, I'm guessing she'll be fine? I certainly hope so!

I suppose it's understandable to some extent when the elderly get stubborn about things. Life tends to be more of a circle than a straight line, so you eventually wind up back where you started. The difference is that babies haven't experienced much yet, so they're pretty okay with what they've got. The elderly don't want to have to give it all up, and they certainly don't want it taken from them by people whose diapers they changed.

MarkHB said...

Cripes. Sorry, man.

Anonymous said...

Well she's got gumption thats for sure. Reminds me of my own Grandma.

Hope she gets better soon.

Vic303 said...

Oh Lawdog, I am sorry indeed to hear your Nana has broken the other hip. I hope the repairs go well and that she will walk again. You do have my prayers.

cait said...

Sheesh, bless her heart! Sending all the good karma I can muster to your sweet Nana. Hang in there LawDog - this is hard on you, your Mom and the rest of your extended family. Ya'll take care of yourselves and each other, you he'ah?


Anonymous said...

OH,LawDog, Please pass along our wishes to your Nana for a speedy recovery.
No sympathy, as a proud woman such as herself wouldn't like that atall. But having recently been a caregiver of such a patient, you and your family have my deep concern. I can only hope she progresses as quickly as the Dearly Beloved has.
She, and the rest of your family, are in my prayers, and just like my Sistah Cait, I'm sending lots of positive energy y'all's way to aid in the healing process.

Anonymous said...

Doggone it! My best wishes to all of you, also. Is she thinking that once she's let loose with TWO bionic hips, there'll be no stopping her then?

David said...

My best wishes for a quick recovery but sounds like she's a tough old bird. Can't keep a good woman down.

And I'm glad that statistic didn't hold true for me son. Of course, he was 27... and in the Marines... :)

Jason said...

Best wishes to your Nana and the family, and especially for the hospital staff. Here they go again. :-)

A Soldier's Girl said...

I'm sorry.

That sucks.

karla (threadbndr) said...

Oh NO! Going through similar with my mom - small stroke, graduated to cane and keeps "forgetting" it. NOT good.

Tell your Nana to behave herself this time!

JPG said...

The hell you say! I'd never heard THAT before. Guess I'd better watch my step. Literally. Lessee - - Broke my left hip on 2 OCT. Means I gotta make it past early APR to beat the odds.

Rabbit - - Duly noted, sir. Really, though, I've been very conscientious about rehab - - Keeping the appointments, and working hard while I'm there. Glad I hadn't heard this 80%/6 mos. thing before last weekend. I might have been more nervous about climbing in and out of that East Texas deer stand.

LD - - I'm very sorry to hear of your Nana's misfortune. It's already been established that she doesn''t feel pain like a normal human. Mebbe I'm just TOO empathetic, but the prospect of such discomfort makes my stomach churn.

Best wishes for her rapid and comfortable recovery.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about Nana! Here's wishing her a speedy recovery, and you an ice cold beer!
I hope you don't mind, but I enjoy your blog so much, I have linked it to mine.

Matt G said...

I'm so sorry to hear about her discomfort, LD.

Maybe with TWO Sears & Roebuck hips, she'll be bolstered against future similar breaks? Hopefully?

Ulises from California said...

Hope Nana gets better, soon.

My late landlady, Mamie Byars, was 85 when she passed, 80 when she got a new stainless drivetrain, & she was better from it in about 6 mos. No cane, etc.

Sure don't make them so well anymore, if my own aches & pains are any indication.

Again, prayers for good health to Nana.

kateykakes said...

Oh wow. I'm really sorry to hear that. I'll keep your Nana in my thoughts and prayers, and you as well.

Here's hoping she makes a complete recovery.

Melissa in Texas said...

Bless Nana and you too!

Will said...

Law Dog, can't remember where I read this, but article said the new theory about broken hips in the elderly is they fall because the hip broke, instead of the hip breaking due to the fall.
Osteoporosis is apparently the root problem.
Different article on bone health said researchers have discovered that the trigger the body uses to activate/maintain bone density is impacts in the hip joints from running, or equivalent. Takes as few as 6 per day. No other type of exercise was found to accomplish this. Don't know if anyone else is going to replicate the study. Wonder if it still works with artificial hip joints?

Anonymous said...

JPG, you are so fortunate Nurse Ratchet wasn't in your area last weekend! She'd have enjoyed kicking your behind, then having a lovely visit with your spouse.