Monday, November 27, 2006

Ye tap-dancing prophets.

Is it just me, or has my blog been head-long down the khazi for most of Monday, Nov 27?


Testing, testing ...

Holy [deleted]! I can post again!

I know that I'm not paying for this service, and Lord knows I shouldn't whinge about stuff I'm getting for free, but ye Gods and little fishies ...

Thing is, every other Blogspot/Blogger site I frequent didn't seem to be down -- just me.

Somebody get me a waaambulance.


Now, let me try to salvage that post I lost.


Correction. Two posts that I lost. Seems like The LawDog Files has been Paws Up since about midnight last night.

That's a wee bit irritating.



Anonymous said...

Yeah, pretty much. Looked like server trouble. I was about to go into withdrawl (kinda like withdrawal, but with a Southern accent).

Michael said...

It's been down, and I have just now (3:15 Pacific Time) been able to view it. Thought the thought police might have found you, or the elves in the magic box went on strike, or ? ? ? Glad you're back.

BryanP said...

I've had no problems accessing your blog. I posted a comment earlier today, so that part seems to be working.

Pgrl said...

Will we get to hear the rest of the mustache story?

kateykakes said...

As of late, I haven't had any problems with Blogger, but there are days when it just will NOT cooperate!

BTW, copy & paste, then there's no worry of losing a post.

Jack said...

It was showing your stylesheet only, which means something was damaged in your blogger template. Did you try to change something?

Alex said...

To prevent Blogger from eating my work I would write my posts in Word, copy/paste into the site and tweak it there. That way, I'd always have a fairly recent backup in case of Blogger trouble.

Phoenix Ravenflame said...

My husband said the front page was down, but we've been reading individual posts just fine by using Firefox's LiveBookmarks. I didn't even know there was a problem until he mentioned it to me.

I'm still waiting for the rest of the mustache story, as well. Glad I'm not the only one without better things to worry about.

Cait said...

After a few wonderful days away from the confuser I was looking forward to catching up on the latest ruminations from LawDog and...nuthin'...jus' nuthin'...for hours and hours. Lawd have mercy! So, last thing before shutting down the house and toddling off to bed I checked one more time. Yipee and awrighty then. So glad the gremlins relented and allowed you back.

A day without LawDog, Hollyb, MattG, and FlyinFlo is a day without giggles and/or outright guffaws. Thanks, sweetpea, for your musings. For your time and trouble I am truly thankful.

Do I hear an AMEN?


Anonymous said...

'Dog,if Miz Cait is stayin up late checkin on your blog, you are bein' held in high esteem in her household. She doesn't stay up 'til 9 for just anybody, trust me. Hope you recover those lost post real soon, cause I'm Jonesin' for some LawDog Files. I am trying to be patient for the end of the moustache story, but I may be forced to offer you a bribe soon. Chicken Spaghetti? City Steak? or do I have to pull out the big gun...Fried Apricot Pies. Yours for the asking, as soon as we get that story.

Anonymous said...

Lawdog, What's your thoughts on the NY police who fired 50 times on an unarmed group?

Anonymous said...

I copy my posts for back up as well.

I just keep a text document open on the desktop for when blogger decides to take a dump on the information super highway

Anonymous said...

Glad you got the problem taken care of. In addition to the mustache story, isn't there something about a pink gorilla?

Matt G said...


2 Words:

Word. Pad.

To expound: Compose. In. WordPad. Save.

Anonymous said...

I do it backwards from other folks - I do the composing on Blogger, so I can get the HTML tags and the photo links included, then cut-and-paste to a Word document.

And wasn't there something about Sneezy and a raft?