Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Man's best friend




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Anonymous said...

Wonderful dogs, those German Shorthair Pointers. I wouldn't have any other breed :-)

hammer said...

I bounced for a bar once that was near a rural area. One particular fellow would ride his horse to the bar and park it on the grassy parking lot median and hitch it to a skinny live oak tree.

This young fellow would get rip roaring snookered and at closing time his buddies would lift him up into the saddle.

The horse being intelligentand well trained, would take him straight home with his unconsious owner slumped over in the saddle.

Anonymous said...

Hey Hammer

There was actually a famous-ish court case in England back when drunk driving laws came into play.

Buudy was arrested for being inebriated to the point he couldnt stand while on a horse on the way home from the pub.

He pleaded not guilty saying , essentially that the court having recognized his incapacity it was obviously not him "driving" but the horse under it's own control - happily on it's way home to the stable.

Case dismissed.

He got a fine for letting his animal stray without control, or something.

The law was modified.

Larry said...

Good dawg to have, but I think the picture's from a line of postcards done in Montana. I still have some laying around somewhere. Lord knows I've never seen snow-capped mountains like those anywhere in Texas! If there were any, I'd sure like it a lot better.

Simeron Steelhammer said...

Think you can see mountains like that out in West Texas during a "wet" spell which so rarely comes that way. But I do think that is a Montana montage that works very well in Texas.

And regardless of where it was..its funny as he..er..heck...*grin*