Sunday, October 28, 2007


Sometime ago I stumbled across a "Trunk Monkey" video. The video -- part of a series -- involved a chimpanzee living in the trunk of your car. When you had certain problems, you pushed a button, and the Trunk Monkey solved the problems.

The video involving the car thief almost caused me to drown in Dr. Pepper.

The full series of Trunk Monkey videos can be found here. Be forewarned that the site has a picture gallery in which the occasional young lady in a bikini and a Trunk Money doll will show up. Personally, I'm all in favour of young ladies in bikinis, but your boss and/or Human Resources Department may not see things my way.

Anyhoo, I had filed Trunk Monkeys away as an amusement, until today, when I discovered that our troopies have apparently been referring to the rear gunner in gun trucks and hard-backed HMMWVs as the "Trunk Monkey".

And there are even (unofficial) Trunk Monkey Patches.

Oh, I'm going to have to get one of those.



Mark said...

I'll be getting the Trunk Monkey chaperone edition for my daughters as they get older and start dating. Although I think the shotgun would be a little messy, I think some frangible rounds should take care of that.

Lady Jane said...

Trunk Monkey's is my Dad's favorite videos of all times.. he forwards them EVERYwhere .. probably sent one to you!

Scott said...

Aha! That was the first time I'd ever heard of that. But now I understand why the Wyoming Department of Transportation has been running TV commercials now for several months where a "trunk trooper" (Wyo Highway Patrol Officers) are released to stop idiots from driving drunk or not wearing their seatbelts.

I assume the trunk monkey came first, and Wy DOT is stealing its limelight. Are any other states running "trunk trooper" TV ad campaigns?

kyrakai said...

I actually have flying trunk monkeys under the back cover of my Avalanche (just ask the MPs at the local airbase), courtesy of my sister, who, I'm told, recently had a house fall on her. I have been a fan of the Trunk Monkeys for quite a while.

Tam said...

You didn't know that?


I figured that for a factoid that would find you all by itself.

Mr. Fixit said...

Do the troops have the patches?

Perhaps a bag full of patches should be bought and sent over as a care package?

I'm in if we do.

"gunner" said...

no worries about young ladies in bikinis here, i'm rather fond of them if the truth is told.

Kiki B. said...

"Personally, I'm all in favour of young ladies in bikinis"--LD

You might think twice about this, if you saw me in one. ;-)

joated said...

Unfortunately, the anti-theft video appears to have been pulled or flagged. In either case it is no longer available on line.

Simeron said...

The Trunk Monkey Security System is one (well several) of my favorite videos.

Nothing like a pipe, a chimp and a chump!

Even cleans up after itself Mafia style!


Kevin said...

the patches are available right from "the monkey" himself at milspecmonkey(dot)com.

they're like pokemon for geardos.


wolfwalker said...

Joated: It's still there. It's just under a misleading title. Run the video called "Thrown off a Bridge."

joated said...

Was there and tried that but it's the one tat comes up as being no longer available.

wolfwalker said...

That's very odd, because I just checked and had no trouble finding & running it. I wonder what the problem is.

joated said...

O---kay. I just went back and tried again and danged if it didn't work today. Go figure.

LDog is right. It is the funniest of the bunch.

I wonder how much of an insurance reduction you could get with this anti-theft system installed.