Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Sometime ago I discovered a painting titled, "Pintos" that absolutely enchanted me. The painting itself is much more vibrant than what you see on a monitor, and I spent a good while trying to figure out just how many horses there were in that painted scene.

The artist is named Bev Doolittle, and she has painted several more works in this 'camouflage' style.

Knowing of my fondness for foxes and my liking for Ms. Doolittle's work, Mom gave me a framed print of a Doolittle painting called "Woodland Encounter" which I hung on the wall behind my desk just this morning.

Little while after I get the picture hung just right, a detective leans around the corner and hands me a affidavit to check. I'm reading through it, she's fidgeting, and suddenly she freezes and blurts, "Holy crap, there's an Indian in that painting!"

Next thing I know she's standing with her nose practically pressed against the glass, making "Oh, wow!" noises.

Which is all well and good -- but I'm sitting in a chair, in a small office, tucked up against a desk, and she's Right. Behind. Me.

Now, I realize that with most normal and stable folks this isn't a big deal.

It drives me nuts.

In the most cordial, charming and polite way I can muster, I chuck her out of the office, take a deep, calming breath and head for the tea-pot.

There's four of 'em in my office when I get back. One pour of half-and-half, one pour of tea, couple of sugar cubes -- and my office is full of investigator-types.

Evictions ensue.

I am sipping my now-cool tea, when I am informed that my presence is requested by a judge.

Off I go -- judge isn't in the office. I check the court-room -- no judge. Court reporter says, perkily, "The judge went on break."

Back to my office. I hadn't realized my office was a judicial break room, cause there's two of 'em in there. Behind my desk. Tracing outlines on my picture.


I enquire if my presence was still desired -- it is. And to fix the minor catastrophe requires that I access my computer. Which is on my desk.

By the time I get the problem solved, the judges are still entranced by the picture and I'm audibly grinding my teeth. And then at least one of the judges had to go tell some attorneys about the "really neat painting" over in 'Dog's office.

Six hours of having people breathing the air behind my desk along with me, and I'm surprised the bail-bond agent didn't spontaneously combust when he stuck his head around the door to ask me a stupid question.


I'm getting some new hangers, and tomorrow that picture is going on the other wall.



TBeck said...

My God, it's full of stars!

William the Coroner said...

And you thought it was YOUR office.


knitalot3 said...

Better hang it on a different wall.

After all, you should be able to see it.

JeanC said...

That's what you get hanging one of her prints up on the wall :D I LOVE her paintings and can sit an look at them for hours.

TattoedIntellectual said...

I've done puzzles of a bunch of her work. Very interesting to work on. And I completely understand the personal space thing :)

Anonymous said...

Umm, is the price for the 1 of 1500 lithograph of the painting in US dollars?

Anonymous said...

Am I the ony who who noticed that painting was $10,000?

Dog, you didn't by any chance happen to do a Lewylln Moss did you?


I've read the novel & you really might want to give the money back.

Felis Sidus said...

Um, Lawdog, there are at least two Native Americans in that painting, possibly 3. At least, I can see two human figures on ponies and the head of a third pony. Do you have the artist's notes on everything that's in there?

And, yeah, the other wall.

Mr. Fixit said...

I like her work too. I have one hanging in my living room, a fox recoiling from the area of a downed limb, "Missed" is the title.

Mr Fixit

KD5NRH said...

Umm...fixit, look closer at your picture.

KD5NRH said...

OBTW, LawMom, where can we get these prints at prices normal folks can afford?

Anonymous said...

Anyone know of Larry Fanning's work. If you like southwestern and nature art his is great. Google him

Anonymous said...

Yes, you can get prints of Miz Doolittle's work for about $125, if you're lucky. Many of the Indian tobacco and souvenier shops up in Oklahoma have a few of them. Or, there's this nifty little western shop out in the mall in Amarillo that used to have quite a few, though a bit more pricey.
In general, I recommend taking a stroll through the magazine Southwest Art, and the quarterly American Indian Art-the latter is printed on excellent paper, and one issue had some killer register drawings in it.
Yes, I know, Bev Doolittle isn't American Indian, but what the hey?
felis sidus
What, and cheat? Tsk.

West, By God said...

My favorite one by Bev Doolittle is Two More Indian Horses

We had all three prints in the set hanging in an office where I used to work... I stared at them for a while thinking it was 3 copies of the same picture... but look closer. I can understand people wanting to stare at them for a long time... I certainly did with the ones in my office. Of course, I'd also suggest putting it on another wall, for the same reason.

Simeron said...

Ahck...whar's that scottish claymore when you need it?

Course you could don your kilt and prove your a true Scotsman laddie!

*evil grin*

Ky Person said...

I used to work at a calendar kiosk and Bev Doolittle's are one of our most popular items. The most popular ones are dogs. Then comes Thomas Kinkaide. Ick.

Dr. StrangeGun said...

Imagine the hoopla when they figure out that there are *two* Natives on HORSES...

Cybrludite said...

I can empathize with the feeling. I've been on days for two weeks for training instead of my beloved solo night shift. Too. Many. People.

phlegmfatale said...

I love her paintings.

Rorschach said...

Dawg, my only question is, was the detective good looking and/or unattached and/or interested in male company? If all of the above are answered in the affirmative, I really fail to see your initial problem... Of course what with all the other goofballs wandering in to give a looksee, I can see where taking advantage of that fact might be difficult.....

Webfoot Logger said...

That's horrible!

So what kind of tea did they ruin by making it get cold?


http://www.everythingtea.net/ is an excellent tea shop (over 200 loose teas!) and they ship . . .

--Webfoot Logger

trainer said...

Check out 'missed' again.

There's an arrow cammo'd in the limbs branches.

Mr. Fixit said...

trainer said...

Check out 'missed' again.

There's an arrow cammo'd in the limbs branches.

I didn't want to give it away.

Mr Fixit

Country Girl said...

Your mom must love you very much.
Are you her favorite? :)

Awesome picture - I never would've hung it behind me. Good thing you are moving it to where you can enjoy it.

Sounded like you had way too many people in a little space; I would've hyperventilated. Do not like crowds.

Anonymous said...

Well, country girl-
Chris gets a complete set of Bistro porcelain-clad stainless steel cookware in candy-apple red, replaced when it wears thin, while Boojie gets whatever American Indian jewelry is done in turtles. Maybe that equates with one Doolittle print?
P. S. Dog also gets AI belt buckles at appropriate intervals in his life.