Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Say what?

Occasionally, I drift through some ... 'alternative' news sites, just out of curiosity. I find that you can, in some cases, get a glimpse into the special little world that some people occupy just by reading their spin on news.

Today's example, however, just really blows my tiny little mind.

The World Socialist Web Site -- find the link yourself, 'cause I'm not linking to those honyocks -- is busily getting their collective (is that a pun?) knickers in a knot over some the latest illegal alien round-up.

Buried deep in a story dripping with outrage was this little gem:

"They stormed houses armed with shotguns and submachine guns and, in some cases, wearing cowboy hats."

*blink, blink*

Maybe I'm just confused ... but did some Socialist bedwetter just equate "shotguns and submachine guns" with cowboy hats?!?

OhMyGawd, Muffy -- they're wearing cowboy hats! The Glorious Peoples Revolution is doomed!

Cowboy hats.

Are Stetsons the secret ingredient that repels pinko socialist scum? If I wear my silverbelly a little more often, will it drive away hippies like garlic and crosses drive away vampires?

Why did no one tell me of this?



Holly o:) said...

If that's all it takes, send me one! I prefer black, by the way!

lurch said...

I thought every one knew that. Look how few socialists there are in, say, Vernon or Quanah. They're afraid we'll play Cowboy and Socialist.

Wes said...

Funny. I just bought a silver-belly. I'll need to wear it. My boss and a couple of her "comrades" make Trotsky look counter-revolutionary.

Simeron said...

So THAT'S why the pinko cuddlebunnies look at me odd and leave muttering about chuckles dragon....*grin*

Sarah said...

How often do you see hippies in Texas - arguably the Cowboy Hat Capital of the Free World?

Well, okay. OUTSIDE of Austin, I mean.

Farmgirl said...

'Dog, it's not universal. Some of them are immune. There's even a socialist in the ag program at my college, that that weirdo wears a "cowboy" hat. By which I mean a cheap fake straw imitation of a *real* cowboy hat.

Mark said...

Would an australian Drover Hat be considered a cowboy hat? that is my personal fave for headgear besides my Valvoline Cap.

Erik said...

It's actually standard socialist propaganda technique. It's pretty common over here in Scandinavia.
Whenever the US do anything they don't like, it's because the US is "Wild West", and "Cowboys".

So the cowboy hat is necessary to show that these are "cowboys", doing the "wild west" thing. (Which supposedly means riding into town, guns ablaze and shoot on anything that moves)

For socialists, a cowboy hat is used the same way a black cars are used in a movie, as a symbol to show who the "bad guys" are...

Sounds stupid, but used over and over again it works on a subliminal level, and "cowboy" becomes a derogatory name.

As for the Australian drover, yeah I've been hazzled when wearing one, because it was a "cowboy hat".

Anonymous said...

Just don't wear your cowboy hat while driving (unless you're driving a convertable with the top down). I have formed strong opinions about people who drive with a hat on.

Anonymous said...

I have one but obviously don't wear it enough.

Anonymous said...

I've seen other reports of this story that also mention the cowboy hats, but it's a direct quote from Nassau County Police Commissioner Lawrence Mulvey.

He complained that the feds failed to work with local law enforcement to the extent of not showing up at a preraid meeting and holding local LEO at gunpoint:

"Some ICE members wore cowboy hats and in the view of some of my members displayed a cowboy mentality," he went on to say. "This, in my view, posed unnecessary dangers to all parties, including my members, who in fact were drawn upon by the agents."


Personally, unless the federal LEO failed to identify themselves or it was difficult to identify them on sight because of nonstandard attire, I don't see the big deal about what they were wearing on their heads. I think it was just a bit of poetic license by the speaker.

This does bring up an issue that I'm interested in, that I would like to hear Lawdog comment on.

I've been following Randy Balko's work on the overuse of swat raids, and it scares the daylights out of me. He argues that swat teams are often times set up by small municipalities that don't really need them, then once they are in place, used to service all kinds of warrants for nonviolent crimes leading to the deaths of LEO and citizens after completely unnecessary conflicts.

Particularly egregious, IMHO, is when the justification for a forced entry raid is that the suspect has a concealed carry license. When you know someone is armed, and otherwise law abiding ( as evidenced by the fact that they got the permit ) , how does it make sense to attack their house in the middle of the night, instead of approaching them ( with overwhelming force if needed ) during the day when they can clearly see that they are dealing with LEO?

More information is available as both:

A Cato publication


And on Balko's blog:



Anonymous said...

Cowboy hats aren't my style, but after reading this, I may just have to go get one.

Bob said...

Won't work. Take a look at Freewheelin' Franklin of the Fabulous Furry Freek Brothers

Webfoot Logger said...

In the case of socialists, one suspects that part of the problem might be the cowboy creed of "Ride tall, shoot straight, and speak the truth".

They figure the cowboy's likely to be shooting at them, and socialists have a remarkable aversion to truth . . .

--WebFoot Logger

Hammer said...

Did the guys in hats wrestle and hogtie all the illegals in record time to whooping and shouting of yee haw?

Socialists are always unintentionally funny.

Kristopher said...

No sport to that.

Even goats are harder to rope than socialists.

Not as fun to drag, however.

TBeck said...

It's a Dubya thing. Mark o' the beast and all that. Look at the bones, man!

dracphelan said...

Cowboy hats can't repel hippies. Otherwise, Austin would be empty.

Glenn Bartley said...

It is amazing how knocking on a door and asking if someone is there becomes storming a house. These were consent searches. As to having weapons like MP5s and shotguns, well the agents were told this was an anti-gang op. No one was running around pounding in doors, oir waving weapons about, or going Yyee-ha", although now that I think of it, maybe ICE should have all the agents wear cowboy hats to make the Mexican aliens feel more at home.

Gareth said...

Damn we need them in the UK. Farmgirl can you sort me one? If I explode when I wear it that's probably due to not having to pay for university ...

Rick R. said...

Hey, I get asked all the time if my fedoras are "cowboy hats", or "Why aintcha wearing boots, pod-ner?. . . sincker, snort"

(I tend to wear boat shoes. . . since I don't own a horse and I live in eastern Virginia, after all.)

Tbeck said...

Perhaps they should have worn berets and Che Guevara t-shirts.

Anonymous said...

Well, I wear a real cowboy hat every day. Silverbelly, Mist Grey, Slate Grey, Black, Chesnut... that's just the felts; I wear Atwood palm straws in hot weather. Commies and Socialists tend to leave me alone here in the mountains in north Georgia. They also find out real fast where I stand on guns and deer huntin' and stuff like that too, so, I don't know, but once they find out I'll shoot a deer, they may figure they're next.

"There's even a socialist in the ag program at my college, that that weirdo wears a "cowboy" hat. By which I mean a cheap fake straw imitation of a *real* cowboy hat."

Farmgirl, When I attended classes, I found out my old college has a chapter of the American Communist Party. How's that for an oxymoron? But I wore my Stetson and they left me alone. As for the cheap imitations, these two feed/western wear stores here have that junk too. If I owned a store, I wouldn't have that crap on premises.

mustanger98 on THR
(just plain mustanger when posting to Farmgirl's blog)

talldean@gmail.com said...

Hey, to be fair, some of us here hippies *like* firearms and fine hats.

Wackjob socialists are always good for a chuckle, though.

"gunner" said...

if that's what it takes i'm gonna have to dig up my old "saddle tramp" hat from my freight hauling days to bug the local socialists/granola addicts up here in vermont.
(gareth, i'd send you my hat, as above but it's got many thousand miles of u.s. road dust, truck grease and sweat ground into it, h.m. customs would never let it in.)