Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Meditations on dancing with who brung you

Well, last night the Republican Party pretty much buried the Democrats in the House of Representatives; and in the Governors mansions around the country.

Much cheering abounds, and I'm happy for everyone.

As a history buff, however, I have to look back upon the mid-term elections of 1994 and ruminate.

Then, as now, an angry and restive populace -- who were voting against the power-mad Democratic government, rather than for The Other Guys -- swept the Republican Party into power, ending a four-decade Democratic lock on Congress.

And -- again, as now -- the Republican Party solemnly swore that they would turn Congress back to the Constitution; that they would bring smaller, less intrusive government back to Washington; and -- above all -- "fiscal accountability".

It took less than two years for the Republican Party to become just as greedy, power-mad, and crooked as the Democrats they replaced.

And here we are, sixteen years later, the newly on-top Republicans are swearing upon the heads of their first-born that they worship the Constitution; smaller government ...

... same song, different verse.


One of the only bits of light I can see in the near future is the fact that the Internet is much more completely established now than it was in the early '90's -- and the Internet is the source of the power of the Tea Party.

Oh, not the Tea Party itself, per se, but those voters who -- whether they know it or not; whether they admit it or not -- those voters that believe in and follow the values of the Tea Party.

Those are the voters that are responsible for the Republicans getting to be the belle of the ball.

Will the GOP now dance with those what brung 'em?

Early thoughts on that subject are not encouraging. Old habits tend to get set in stone, and that ancient habit
displayed by the older Republicans of "lip service to the voters while we do as we damned well please" is pretty much fossilized into place.

Will the Internet base of the Tea Party, and like-minded folks, have the stick-to-it-ness to hammer on the Republicans for the next six months? A year? Two years down the road will they still be holding the elephants trunk to the grindstone?

Will the newly-minted Republican congress-critters have the testicular fortitude required to butt heads with party leadership; and the moral fortitude to cross that same party leadership -- even if it means getting turfed to Coventry by their own party?

Will the Republican leadership actually listen to their constituents; heed the counsel of their newest members, and keep the promises made over these last several months?

I do hope so, but looking back on history ... I'll not be holding my breath.



Lissa said...

I'm cautiously hopeful, LawDog, and here's why --

The old-school GOP didn't want Marco Rubio. They didn't want Nikki Haley. They didn't want Christine O'Donnell or Sharon Angle and damn near got 'em.

If this election has any truly good, real, long-term impact, it will be to tell the GOP: "If we don't like what you do, we will bury your asses in the next primary. Even if we have to nominate a witch. WATCH YOURSELF."

*fingers crossed*

Trent said...

If we can't get our liberty back from the Republicans, sure as hell won't get it back from the socialists... err I mean Democrats, have literally no chance of a viable third party, what then? Is there any course that presents its self to us that would have a reasonable hope of success and our continued freedom?

Daddy Hawk said...

Well spoken. Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst.

Old NFO said...

We (the people) need to keep the pressure on the congresscritters... Regardless of political party! Hopefully the Republicans will listen, but sadly, I believe you are correct LD!

Jedi Knight Ivyan said...

I felt uneasy even seeing the returns last night. And you've put your finger on why. I don't trust any political party to do right by the Constitution. Still hoping for a Kelly victory here in Arizona, though. Gonna be the weekend before they get all the votes counted.

Mark Horning said...

I'm cautiously hopeful. One or two freshmen could never make a dent in the culture of corruption up there on the hill. The good news is that we have 40-50 of them. If they caucus together, they will have the senior leadership dancing their tune.

Drang said...

As I said at Carteach's at least some of the nominal GOP pols get it. Tim Pawlenty said that, if they screw this up, then 2012 will be The Year Of The Third party, and Marco Rubio aid pretty much the same thing.

Larry said...

I never underestimate the ability of the GOP to shoot themselves in the groin, but maybe the newbies will listen to Jim DeMint.
It's up to We the People to keep them honest. This battle might be over but the war rages on. Eternal vigilance, etc.

Blackwing1 said...

If, upon being sworn into office, the newbie Congress-critters IMMEDIATELY submit legislation to:

1) Repeal the health-care nationalization, and
2) Stop the TARP bailouts

Then I might believe that there's a chance they won't be completely co-opted by the system. There is not a chance that those bills would actually go anywhere, but it would be an excellent litmus test to determine who still holds basic values, and who is the toxic acid eroding those values (puns intended).

If they fail to submit such bills, and keep on submitting them, there is no hope left for the Rep-wing of the DemoPublican party, and the only choice will be to take off and nuke the two-party system from's the only way to be sure.

Dad29 said...

will they still be holding the elephants trunk to the grindstone?

Not only that, but I'll spin that grindstone fast enough to make that trunk into a flaming roast.

Катя said...

I read your blog precisely because I don't agree with your politics, and good citizenship means hearing and considering differing views.
Thank you for this post. So many people who voted for Republicans in this election seem to believe that these politicians will act differently than politicians in the past, a lot like many of the people who voted for Democrats in 2008.

ExGeeEye said...

@Katya--yes, we have hope that this new group will be different, mostly because most of them aren't professional pols at all and many of them had to fight the GOP establishment to get elected-- AFTER winning their nominations!

The Tea Party Movement is, and always has been AFAIC, a hostile takeover of the GOP by the people who no longer trust them. We have also just'll see moe in two years.

Jerry The Geek said...

Note to all readers.

Politicians are Politicians.

Which is to say that they are all power-bloated, monomaniacal liars.

Have I left out anything important?

Please do not delude yourself to the extent that you expect that the members of the party of your choice will conduct themselves in a manner more responsible than the party which you despise.

They are all the same; they merely wear coats of a different color.


I thought not.

Will said...

When the new ones lose focus (not IF, but WHEN), I suggest a box be sent to each one: contents might be a piece of rope (hangmans loop would be nice), and a photo of a lightpole. Perhaps a baggie of feathers and a paintbrush dipped in tar, for those lesser idiots.

wv: bootox... injections for politicians?