Thursday, January 05, 2012

Smoky burny goodness

Chipotles are chili peppers -- usually jalapenos -- which have been allowed to ripen to the point that they're starting to lose moisture, then allowed to dry over a smoky wood fire for some days.

Come to think, chipotles are to chilies much as jerky is to beef.

Anyhoo, chipotles add a nice, smoky bite to various recipes, and are a staple of Southwestern and Tex-Mex cooking. However, if you don't do your own chipotles, you generally have to buy them in a can, which can be a bit of a pill when you just want one chipotle for your pot of beans.

Yes, I realize that you can get ground chipotle powder. Not the same.

Recently Herself and I discovered Clemente Jacques Chipotle Topper.

Oh. Mah. Gawd.

It's a squeeze bottle of pureed chipotles in a nice little adobo sauce, and it sits on your 'fridge shelf and lets you squeeze as much -- or as little -- goodness into your pot of beans, or chili, as you want.

Turns out, it's also good on hamburgers, chicken planks, BBQ, fish fingers, any steak you had a "whoops" with, and probably burritos and such.

A warning, though: if a house-guest grabs the wrong bottle and doses his french-fries with not-ketchup, that first bite is going to be a bit ... dynamic. Warnings for anyone coon-fingering the 'fridge looking for tomato sauce are probably advisable.



Anonymous said...

The hands-down funniest part of the Jack Nicholson movie "Goin South" is the part during the hanging scene when the condemned man learns about the city ordinance allowing a reprieve if one of the town's Civil War widows marries him.

After an unpromising bout of inquiries from widows, one asks, "Can he cook?"

"I can cook! I can cook like a sonofabitch!"

Two posts in as many days, after spare blogging. Please don't misunderstand, I'm grateful for the 'free ice cream', and I very much enjoy what you have on offer. But for some reason what I thought of when I clicked onto Lawdog and saw the fresh post (second in two days) was Lawdog yelling, "I can blog! I can blog like a sonofabitch.

Mike James

Mr. Metal said...

Sweet jesus, awesome! I cook carnitas with 6 chipotle chilis and a couple teaspoons of adobo sauce. Most of the time I can only use 2/3 of the can before I have to toss the rest. Thanks for letting me know that this exists!

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed Bufalo Chipotle Salsa since I first had it in Mexico many years ago. Apparently lots of other folks like it to since it is widely available at grocery stores in Western Washington where I live. I use it on almost everything unless I'm getting into the Thai sweet chili sauce.

Old NFO said...

Oh... and they SHIP too! :-) Ordering now :-) Thanks LD!

DaddyBear said...

Sweet! One more thing for the larder!

Skip said...

Ordered two for me and four for amigos.

That Guy said...

Where did you get it? Do they carry it at HEB?

Anonymous said...

But can you add it to hot coco like you can with a pinch of the powder? (I learned it from someone who adds chili to his coffee, OK?)

Thanks for the tip, LawDog.


TxRed said...

Welcome back to semi-regular posting, Senor Dog. You've been sorely missed.

If you chipotle-minded folks haven't found McCormick's Chipotle Powder ( yet, you're doing yourselves a grave disservice. Most people think that Ranch dressing cannot be improved upon and they are mistaken. A few sprinkles of the above mentioned magical powder and voila: Chipotle Ranch!

The mystical chiptole dust is great for adding to soups, stews, chili, regular salsa, and just about anything else that will stand still long enough for a sprinkle. Plus it has a shelf life of forever minus one year.


Jennifer said...

If you catch me dousing french fries with it, it was quite intentional. Just FYI