Tuesday, September 04, 2012


In order for me to write on my blog, I have to click on a button at the top right corner of the screen to log-in.

A month ago it disappeared.

Poof! Gone.

I'm going to guess that Blogger sprang another "upgrade" on me. Again.

Today I was noodling about my iGoogle homepage, and I clicked on the 'More' button. On the drop-down menu, about the ninth item down, is 'Blogger'.

Hoping against hope, I clicked on it.

Yay! I'm back!



Anonymous said...

Yay, LawDog is BACK!!!

Jennifer said...

Hooray! The interwebotron isn't the same without you. There shall be much rejoicing!

Robert Fowler said...

About time, welcome back.

Anonymous said...

YaY!!! there will be a celebration.
Rich in NC

Drang said...

Lots of folks are having trouble with the navbar. Most say it works in Internet Exploder and/or Chrome, but not Firefox. I updated or deleted a bunch of FF add-ons, and it came back.


Anonymous said...

'Dawg, have you ever considered moving from Blogger to Wordpress? While they're certainly not perfect, they tend to not explode in such a spectacular fashion. It's also especially hard to completely hose an in-progress blog post. They've got free options over at www.wordpress.com, but if you've got access to a nerd with a webhost, you can do self-hosted for a very small outlay of time n' effort.

best, and I look forward to your future blog posts regardless of platform,

Jeffro said...

I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but iGoogle is gonna go away on November 1, 2013. It'll be a while yet, but it is coming.

And a lot of these problems are associated with browser plugin problems, which means you might want to try a different web browser. That means something besides Internet Explorer, like Chrome or Firefox. Not trying to be condescending, just know that you look at PCs as magic elf boxes!

Le Conteur said...

Slainte mhor agus a h-uile beannachd duibh
Good health and every good blessing to you!

We will be looking for your shining self now!

Le Conteur

Anonymous said...


WebFoot Logger said...

"Upgrades" come from idle hands . . .

Greg Tag said...


Glad you figgered it out.

Have missed your wit and Britishisms.