Saturday, October 28, 2017

Anthology is live

My story -- "By Hook And Crook" -- is in Calexit - The Anthology, which has gone live on Kindle (see the link) or dead tree edition.

It's my first ever anthology, so I'm a little stoked.

Good bunch of authors.  Good stories.

Now back to my zombie short story that keeps trying to become a novella.  Bad story!  Bad, bad story!

After that, the Rural Fiction.  Busy, busy, busy.



Rev. Paul said...

Bought it 10 minutes ago; AEPilot Jim reminded me.

richard mcenroe said...

Got muh Kindle copy today.

You do realize that in California, "something angry in a sack" could be your Congressman next year...?

Wolfwalker said...

"Now back to my zombie short story that keeps trying to become a novella. Bad story! Bad, bad story!"

I know a number of authors who have encountered this phenomenon. Most of them agree that you can't fight it. Well, you can, but don't expect to win.

Brigid said...

You have a great story - so much fun to have been a part of this.

CDH said...

It is far better to let a story flow to a natural finish that to artificially constrain it to an (likely arbitrary) size...or worse split it into multiple unsatisfactory pieces.

Mama D said...

Any chance that your Africa book will come out in paper form anytime soon?

Patti Ludwig said...

Hey, LawDog,
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It does many of the things that engage the scammers so they're not re-sending to other potential victims. It has apparent multiple-identities/ethnicity, and a changing vocabulary.

Orvan Taurus said...

A bit delayed, but ox slow. Finally snagged it for Kindle.

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