Monday, October 16, 2017

"Gun Rights Cake" Analogy


I first wrote the "Gun Rights Cake" analogy on this page in 2010.  I re-posted it here three years later.

Later on, a Facebook group called "The Hypocrisy and Stupidity of Gun Control Advocates" put in cartoon form:

Note the proper attribution at the bottom of that cartoon.

With the events of Las Vegas, I'm seeing my own work coming across my Facebook feed and my e-mail -- only my name appears to have become "Bentley", or "Robert", or "Rupert". 

Goodness, my parents would be startled.

One gentleman -- when gently corrected -- stated that I actually stole that analogy from "someone" on

Bedamned, I most assuredly did not steal that analogy from anyone else.  I bloody well wrote the sodding thing. 

And by-the-by:  whomever added the extra language about the "Dick Act of 1902" in one of the versions that's going around -- if I'd've wanted that in my analogy, I would have added it. Keep your meat-hooks off of my work, if you please.

Gentle Readers, if someone sends you my analogy, uncredited -- or claimed by someone other than LawDog -- please gently correct that person.  Likewise, if one of the cartoons comes by you with the attribution clipped off of the bottom.

You can point them to this post, if you'd like.




Paul Simer said...

Someone get Major Caudill, USMC (Retired) on the horn. There's someone who knows how to get things done and wrongs righted.

Dregan said...

Someone else borrowed it too. Equally effective...

Old NFO said...

Sigh... We know 'Major Caudill' too...

Kristophr said...

Apparently, the USMC now recruits in Germany ...

Unknown said...

One of the writers on townhall/bearing arms website likes to use the 'cake' analogy thing, too. I left a message telling him to do his research and get the proper accreditation notation on the post.

ravenshrike said...

@Dregan - The economic pie analogy was around far longer than Lawdog's cake one, indeed the very video you link was posted August of 2009.

Unknown said...

The Supreme Court handed down a decision, as I recall back in the '70s saying that anything posted on the net is copyrighted. You can sue these people.

A Texan said...

Law Dog, I copied and pasted this post (with attribution to you, and to the URL of this page) to the following, in Post #43:

This analogy is perfect for any discussion involving the 2nd Amendment and what the gun-grabbers have been doing since 1934...and now Trump is talking about banning bump stocks. I have no particular use for one of them, myself, but I'll be damned if I want them banned, on the theory that "well, then they won't ban the AR-15 and other semi-autos"...which is another way of saying, "here, take half of my remaining crumbs so that I get to keep a few...for a little while, maybe." Nope, I'm in the boat with you on saying, "That's enough, I'm finished compromising."

Thanks for all that you do, here and in real life.

Momma Fargo said...

Awesome post and I love the cake analogy. So true. People do not understand the slippery slope with that which they talk.

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