Monday, July 02, 2018

LibertyCon AAR

Well, I am back from LibertyCon 31, and am thoroughly knackered.

Herself didn't get to join me -- again.  This year a nasty bout of strep throat put the kibosh to any thoughts of her climbing into a pressurised metal tube for the flight.  Sigh.  I swear to any number of godlings that I will get her to to LibertyCon 32 if it harelips every cannibal in the Congo.

I had -- somewhat (okay, very much) nervously mentioned to the Con staff that I would do a panel, and they proceeded to put me on one named "No [Deleted], There I was, Just Minding My Own Business ..."  "It's war stories. You'll do fine" I was informed.

Gentle Readers, I'm here to tell you that when you plonk down on a dais, and you realise that you're sharing it with David Drake, John Ringo, Michael Williamson, and others whose books you've been reading for decades ... that's the sort of thing that'll launch you, shrieking, straight for the rafters.

Honestly, between 1)  The sheer number of people in the room not only staring at me, but breathing my air; and 2) Mentally chanting "Don't[deleted]thisup, don't[deleted]thisup, don't[deleted]thisup" the memory of the stories I told are pretty much white noise and incipient panic.

At the request of a fan, (Hi, CrankyProf!) I told the Armadillo story (which seemed to go over rather well); and I was planning on telling the Hog story -- both of which I've told a million times, but I practised again just to be sure ...

... and then Ringo told a sidesplitter ...

... and my very-competitive monkey-brain slipped past the censor gibbering in the corner, cut sling-load on the Hog story, and launched (fully unprepared) into the Pink Gorilla Suit story.

When I'm not wearing the Cop Suit, my voice tends to be somewhat soft.  And when I'm jazzed to the gills on over-stimulation, mild panic, and PEOPLE, I tend to run my words together; so when the white noise cleared, I was checking the crowd to see how bad I screwed up the delivery of the story, when I hear Mike Kupari clear his throat, "Not exactly fair, having to follow LawDog."

From the expressions in the crowd, I'm pretty sure that I didn't embarrass myself.

The rest of LibertyCon was a blast. Sipped some really nice booze, swapped stories, met some genuinely nice people, wound up with a gift-wrapped box of 1/4" nuts delivered by a minotaur representative of ACME Industries, and got hugged.

Good convention.  Good people.

We'll be back next year.



Old NFO said...

You done good! On ALL the panels... Now BREATHE!!! :-)

Jonathan LaForce said...

Next time, I’ll bring ribs to that panel. Ringo likes my barbecue handiwork. Y’all can sit there torturing the audience and relaxing.

Andrew S Milbourne said...

Poor Pinky...

Please tell me there's video of that panel somewhere online.

Orvan Taurus said...

I was told those were 3/8...

Cybrludite said...

Sorry to have missed you. Next year I'm taking off the whole weej so I can fully force myself on to a normal human schedule, instead of my usual vampiric one.

Rob Reed said...

If anyone did video the panel. PLEASE let Lawdog know. He was asking around but so far no vid had come up.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Lawdog;

I found out too late about Libertycon this year, I will try to buy tickets for next year, especially since Chattanooga ain't that far from Atlanta. Perhaps Herself will be able to attend next year....Think Positive, and you do know that you rocked those panels.

The Old Sarge said...

Crap. I can't believe I missed you. Larry Correia said he had seen you nearby, but....

I really wanted to get an autograph on my copy of "Lawdog Files".

Maybe next year?

Aggie said...

You've been AWOL too long.

TXRed said...

I was in time to catch that bit. :) It was good seeing you there.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Leon W Jester said...

It was great to finally meet you, especially at LibertyCon. Hope to see you and your wife there next year.

Gopher said...

Would love to buy you an adult beverage and listen to you spin yarns if you are ever back in the D/FW area. Alas, the meetings of the D/FW chapter of the old Rhyser Soldier of Fortune Inc. group are few and far between. Be well, Sir.

montieth said...

I heard John R the next night retelling your story in honor to your account of the Pink suit as he clearly thought it was hilarious and must be retold. By way of that, I'm certain you took the cake as it were.

I'm glad to have been able to meet you, Peter and Old NFO face to face. Dot, I'd managed to meet first time she tried Dragon Con with Oleg in tow.

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Sounds like story was delivered successfully, then! :D

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