Saturday, March 11, 2006

Oh, Judas Priest on a flaming pogo stick.

Brady Press Release

For those of you who choose not to click on the above link, let me paraphrase it for you:

Little Sarah One-Note has decided to get her panties into a wad concerning coloured guns.

*blink, blink*

Sweet Jeebus, there must be several hundred villages out there suffering from severe Idiot Depletion Syndrome. Think of the children! Children need idiots to learn from! For God's sake, get back to your villages, do it for the children!

I should refrain from calling the Brady Center to Prostitute Prevent Sarah Bradys 15 Seconds of Fame Handgun Violence "idiots".

I'm doing a tremendous disservice to hardworking idiots everywhere.

However, does anyone else have a mental image of several dozen people laying in the dirt outside the Brady Center doors, with a wad of bubblegum stuck to the bumfuzzled expression on their faces, or is it just me?

Forgive me, that was petty. I have every confidence that a significant number of the folks who work for the Brady Centre to Prevent Handgun Violence are able to multi-task both the walking AND gum-chewing sub-routines.

Let me say this just as slowly and gently as I can, you mouse-brained morons: Those folks who leave guns around for children to point at cops are NOT going to pony up the amount of cash necessary to have GlockMeister or a NIC-trained shop re-finish their pistols.

Yes, my pin-headed little dacoits, it costs a significant amount of money to refinish a pistol through the places you want to stop refinishing pistols.

No, you syphilitic catamites with delusions of adequacy, the kinds of folks who use coloured guns to commit crimes aren't going to pony up $200 - $500 of dosh just to refinish their Glock. If, for some heretofor unknown reason, they want a pink Glock, they're going to shoplift a can of Krylon, or a jar of Testors model paint and do the job themselves in the garage.

I want you to put down the Kool-Aid and hook your eyeballs on this monitor, because I'm not going to repeat myself: There are problems out there -- after 13 years of law enforcement service I could write books about the problems out here -- HOWEVER -- baby blue Glocks and pink AR15's aren't any part of those problems.

Now back to your regularly-scheduled series of 15 second soundbites.



Anonymous said...

I like the pink AR-15. I think my 15 year old niece would love it. Shame that my sister won't let her daughter touch a gun... but what she doesn't know about her little brother taking her daughter shooting won't hurt her.

OldeForce said...

LawDog: Now, if you were really pissed off about this, what would you say? (Wise-ass off)I agree with you. Back when I worked in NY, several of my co-workers would use the same railroad/same schedule where that nutjob killed so many. At least one of my crew shoots, but no one (hardly) can carry in NY - and my company fires you if you even have a gun in your car at a company picnic. And my wife busted chops last week when I bought her a 22/45 for her birthday - asked if they had it in pink.

Anonymous said...


Can you tell us how you really feel? :)

Sorry couldn't resist, keep up the good work!


Bruce said...

What are you trying to do? apply logic to the "guns are the root of all evil" debate?

Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Lawdog, don't threaten to write a book about the problems with law enforcement, sit down and DO IT.

Calico Jack said...

So now we know what to buy you for your birthday; A nice new pink pistol to coordinate with your gorilla suit.

Anonymous said...

Lawdog, your site is very nice, interesting, well and good, and I respect the attempts you are making at applying logic in this world wide agora that we call the interwebs, but the Brady institute is a waste of all of our times to even acknowledge. It's like stopping your car and bailing out to take notice of a slightly venomous spider on the road. Far more important things are happening right now than what these sub-humans think. For instance I need a hair cut, and the guy that invented instant ramen noodles died.

Anonymous said...

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