Saturday, March 11, 2006

A radical proposal

By way of Zendo Deb, we have this link. There is a picture there which is more than a little disturbing, open with care.

Seems that a number of Muslim men have taken it into their heads to declare open season on women who don't wear veils.

I have a proposal to deal with this problem. A proposal which is so simple, it may even qualify as radical. Bear with me, and see what you think:

Shoot the bastards.

Take your lady to a shooting range. Better yet, send her to a shooting school. Let her try some pistols, and then buy the one that she likes and give it to her as a gift. Do the same with your daughters.

And the next time some mis-anthropic little sociopath decides that God has commanded him to subjugate an unveiled woman, give the Light of Your Life the ability to centre-punch the sonovabitch and let God explain things to him in person.


I would imagine that when the third gut-shot would-be rapist dies while crawling to the nearest Emergency Room, the local Muslim idiots will experience a religious epiphany.

Hell, enough rapists experience a Mozambique drill up close and personal and who knows? We might get to witness a Religious Reformation that would make Martin Luther weep with jealousy.

Oh, wait. The victims are in Australia and Europe. Guns and the carry of same are banned in those ... civilized ... countries.

You know, there's an ironic punch-line there, but the same folks governments who refuse to allow law-abiding citizens to carry firearms for defense against this kind of brutality wouldn't understand it.




Firehand said...

I remember reading that wearing the hijab(sp?) only began in the 60's, when some imam started it so the local 'heroes of the faith' would know who was a moslem woman, and who it was ok to rape.

OldeForce said...

My wife says she's not ready to buy a carry gun yet, so I bought her a Ruger 22/45 to practice with. Not a good defense weapon if someone comes in the house or yard, but if the first 3 shots don't discourage, the next 7 will be at a close enough range that she won't need her glasses.

Anonymous said...

I think a simple "Amen Brother" will be my best comment.

I'm about to certify my wife for her CCW (I'm an instructor) and will do the same for my daughters when they are old enough. It's hard to face that I won't always be there 24/7 to protect them, so I'll do what I can.

Bruce said...

Sounds like life here in the People's Progressive Republic of Massachusetts. Where the state defends a rapist's right to the pursuit of happiness with more vigor than it does a woman's right to defend herself from such scum.

Where a woman's right to abort her pregnancy is absolute, but a woman's right to shoot a rapist before he has a chance to impregnate her does not exist.

Anonymous said...

I just found your site (came from Man, It's good to read some stories from back home, even if they're interspaced with stuff such as this post.

From a expat Texan in North Carolina.

Anonymous said...

"enough rapists experience a Mozambique drill up close and personal"

Reverse Mozambique, two center of mass and one "down there". We used to flip the target over for a changeup and the ladies loved it (the women loved it a little too well and we haven't done it in a while).

Pawpaw said...

That, sir, is a proper rant. A damned good one. One of the best.

And, I might add, a damned good proposal.

LogEyed Roman said...

An acquaintance had a colleague whose wife had to drive through a "difficult" part of Los Angeles every day. When my brother expressed concern, the man replied that he bought her a pistol to carry with her. No license. "Isn't that illegal?" my acquaintance asked. Husband replied, "I'd rather hire a lawyer than an undertaker." Or, presumably, a psychiatrist for a raped wife.