Monday, June 05, 2006

Dipping a toe into the Big Kids Pool...

Well, by waving a tray of blueberry tarts under the nose of a certain World Wide Web Wizard (when his mama's back was turned), The LawDog Files has linked up with The Truth Laid Bear and gotten a shiny new SiteMeter.

All of which were suggested by Lady Tam some months back. See? I do listen.

It will be interesting to see how many people actually do read these little scribbles of mine, and where they're from.

By-the-by, if one of the links winds up coming from a Holiday Inn in Newt Yack City -- GET A JOB!



BobG said...

Don't be surprised to see some large numbers; this is one of my favorite daily stops.

Citizen H said...

I'm the recurring hit in Japan. Don't scratch your head too much about that one.

Tam said...

Holy Jeebus, do you get some traffic!

Thanks for the work on an eminently enjoyable site. :)


LawDog said...


Tam said...

If the verification code was particularly funny, it looks pleasantly non-sequitirish at the end of a comment. ;)