Saturday, June 03, 2006

Entrenched idiocy continues to astound me.

Some poor sod crossed my path today to announce that there are plenty of jobs in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the money is good.

$80,000-$150,000 to drive a truck, or weld, or rebuild water plants in Iraq or Afghanistan for a year or less sounds pretty darned good.

Until you read the fine print.


The complete, utter and total buffoon mindset that is required to formulate and speak that one simple statement leaves me in a state of flabbergasted awe.

Science demands that we find the person who decided this, because there are obviously no higher brain functions involved. It's a bloody medical miracle.

Maybe I'm reading too much into this. Check my logic here: People are being asked to risk their necks --

-- and I don't say that in a metaphorical way, folks are getting their HEADS. CUT. OFF! Necks. Bread knives. Long, LONG nasty, BLOODY WAY TO DIE! On video, no less --

-- people are being asked to risk their necks for pay, in a war zone, but they're not being allowed to carry something to protect said necks with.

"Sir. Civilians are getting their heads sawn off. We have the video."

"Oh, that's just terrible. We have to do something about this. Tell the rest of the civilians that they can't carry any guns, just in case."

This must be what going flat barking bugnuts feels like.

Where, in the name of Heimdall's horned helmet, in what universe, DOES THIS MAKE SENSE??!! Huh?! Where?! Where does this make sense?

Not only are people accepting this as being normal -- Ye Simpering Gods! -- not only are they accepting this as normal, they are actively promoting it by accepting these jobs.

I despair. I really do.

I guran-damn-tee that idiot recruiter is going to remember me. I can only hope he's got the guts to relay my message.

"No Guns", my furry fourth point of contact.



Anonymous said...

There's a word I learned recently that explains/describes this nonsense:


BobG said...
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BobG said...

You sure it's a real job, and they aren't just collecting applicants for the next Darwin Award?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, right, okay. I hardly go unarmed anywhere HERE in NC. Going unarmed in a war-zone is suicidal.

Anonymous said...

Well... not sure how the laws over there are written (if there are any...)


Concealed means CONCEALED, right?

Just my 2 cents.


Anonymous said...

Dog, do you really believe that the truck drivers,forklift operators etc. over in the sand lot are gonna abide by that lunatic rule?? I'll bet the first time they go out into the city they find AliBabba's bazarr and gun shop and at least get a little Makarov for the back pocket, maybe a shorty AK for the cab... Thad

Anonymous said...

Even if they don't obey said rule, it's the principle of the thing. Couldn't they conceivably be FIRED for that mak in the pocket and the cut down AK in the cab??

Anonymous said...

Better to get fired than to get beheaded.

SGT G said...

It doesn’t make any sense.
I think the reason they make those rules is that they don’t want a bunch of newbe gunslingers walking around.
Unfortunately, some folks get a gun in their hand and they become a danger to themselves and others. Not to mention a liability risk for the company.
That being said, in a country seemingly awash with weapons, I can see no reason not to be armed at all times.
Gun shopping is the first thing I would do if I took one of those jobs there.

Anonymous said...

My next-door neighbor took one of those truck-driving jobs in Iraq. He says he never left camp without an AK-47 in the cab with him. Sometimes it was carried by a paid guard and sometimes he carried it himself, but it was always there. The military knew about it but since he was carrying their supplies, they looked the other way.
He had some other stories too- things about RPGs flying past his cab and driving with one hand while shooting with the other but they're his stories, not mine.

Anonymous said...

I'm going. Hell, based on statistics Iraq is safer than D.C.. And, I can't carry a gun there either.
The job I'll be taking prohibits me from leaving the base. If I should have to leave base I will find a way to go armed.