Thursday, June 08, 2006

When the USAF double-taps someone ...

...They darned sure don't mess around.

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is having a heart-to-heart discussion with Allah right now, courtesy of a pair of laser-guided 500-pound JDAMs. Methinks the discussion is probably not going the way al-Zarqawi thought it might. Hope you packed your asbestos underoos, you sonovabitch.

The Iraqis are dancing in the streets, bless their little hearts.

Our moon-bats, on the other paw, are running the gamut from outright dismissal of this news to sheer indignation. Of course, this is a Bad Thing, they assert.

Hmm. who should I believe?

The civilians on the ground in Iraq who had to deal with the pismire and his catamites on a daily basis, who kept getting killed by his thugs, and who are laughing and dancing over the news; or

A pack of liberals living in First World air-conditioned comfort in Berkeley and Seattle, who wouldn't know what a VBIED was if it blew the noses off their organically-conditioned faces, and who have never had a friend or relative beheaded by al-Zarqawi, who wish to tell everyone what a Bad Thing this is.

Hmpf. Think I'll go with the opinions of the folks face-to-bad-breath with al-Zarqawi, wot?

The anti-war Left is going further to state that this means nothing, because al-Zarqawi can be easily replaced.


The Chief Spear Carrier for an insurgency has to be a lot of things. Charismatic. Connected. Smart. He has got to have the ability to think outside the box, to adapt and improvise when required. He has to have at least a gut-level understanding of psychology, and to be able to train others in guerilla warfare. He has to have command presence, which is not the same thing as charisma.

And has has to be willing to die for the cause.

I will admit, the jihadists probably got a fairly decent amount of folks willing to die for The Cause.

The pool of folks willing to die for The Cause, who are also charismatic, smart, connected, adaptable, with command presence, etc., etc., is going to be a lot smaller. Probably enough to count on one paw. Maybe two.

Of course, given that the brand of Islam favoured by the jihadists frowns upon independant thinking, the most important asset of a guerilla leader -- the ability to adapt and improvise on the fly -- isn't an asset that they're going to have in abundance, anyway.

Add to that fact that all the bleating by the anti-war Left is concealing one other important bit of trivia: Insurgencies cannot survive for long without the support of the majority of the population. When you have folks lining up to fink you out, this can be taken as a sign that maybe your insurgency isn't getting the popular support that one might think necessary.

X number of Chief Sneaky replacements divided by Y number of local snitches divided by the combined intelligence assets and trigger-pullers of the Coaltion Forces equals ... bad juju for the insurgents.

Something to think about -- unless you're a liberal left-wing moonbat.



Vic303 said...

I hope we do it sorta like Israel---Kill off enemy #1, then whack the new replacement, and then his replacement, and so on until none of the buggers want the job!

Cybrludite said...

Pity that Zarq and his buddies went out so quick. When the Airdales pull their Mjolnir impersonation the targets don't know what hit them. I'd rather he'd gone out like Uday & Qusay: Gut-shot and cowering in a filthy bathroom, knowing that their number was up and that Uncle Sam's boys were there to drag them out by their ankles.

Dr. StrangeGun said...

Not just snitches... empowered snitches. Now they know that when they pass info along about a major, something *happens*.

Nate said...

One of my buddies, we talk every day and go shooting on the weekends is the F16 weapons load certifier, meaning no type of weapons load can be used until Kenny approves it and adds it to the approved load list. Yesterday his comment was, "I love seeing my work be successful."

Me too. One correction though, one of those 500 pound presents was laser guided, the other was GPS steered.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if he heard it coming? "Whats that noise?" BOOM!

LawDog, you really rock! I have added your blog to my daily trot line.

Anonymous said...

After OBL gets killed, will the same leftists that were chanting "What about Osama?" suddenly claim killing him is a stunt?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Zarq has been ahtxegu'ished.

That said, the Iraq war was a BAD mistake. I think it supports the following two axioms:

1. Never go to war for reasons based on theory. (Vietnam)

2. Never go to war for reasons based solely on intelligence. (Sandbox II).

The US had much better options for dealing with IQ, but never used them. For example, one would have been to force inspectors back into IQ but leave Saddam in power. No nation building, no messy insurgency.

Disclaimer: Yeah, I know I'm Monday-morning quarterbacking. We're in this up to the axles and now our only option is to figure the best way to proceed.

- NF

Anonymous said...

A suggested memorial service for this piece of dog squeeze: stuff his mouth with pork rinds, wrap him in a fresh pig skin, bury him far out in the desert where no one can ever find him and reach for the next one. Peace be unto him.

Anonymous said...

That we got him is good.

That it took so long is bad.

Now do we go after Saudi's that supported him financially? mmmmm... Probably not!

Anonymous said...

As of yet, JDAMs do not use laser designators. Soon to change, but not as of yet. Two laser guided bombs (LGBs) did him in. Look at the HUD tape and right under the aimpoint you can see when the laser comes on, they lased for about the last 15 seconds of bomb flight. You also notice quite a length of time from the first impact to the second. It allows for the smoke and dust to clear a bit and tighten your group up. Two is good, you never can tell when it's the goat's turn to be on top....

Anonymous said...

I'm inclined to disagree . . . I don't think it's Allah he's have the discussion with!

--Webfoot Logger