Sunday, July 30, 2006

Meditations on Qana

You know, it may just be me, but if I lived in an area where a bunch of annoyed Israelis were bombing the cous-cous out of anything even remotely related to Hezbollah, and said Hezbollah parked a multiple-launch rocket rack out behind my house, I tend to think it might behoove me to either 1)Go politely inform the Hezbollah HMFIC that there's a better launch site two miles thataway; or
2) Smile real big, bow a couple of times, and then quietly get the wife and sprogs the hell out of the area.

I'm here to tell you that everyone -- and I mean everyone -- on the ground in Lebanon knows that the IDF is grimly determined to high-speed-disassemble every Katyusha rack that might be pointed in the general direction of Israel.

There are goat families and field rat families that are bright enough to unarse the A.O. whenever a Hezbollah Katyusha rack parks near-by, because mama goat and daddy rat know that IDF bombs are about to start impacting.

I'm going to let a whole bunch of people in on a secret to minimizing civilian casualties in Lebanon:

Stop letting Hezbollah park their rocket racks next to the swing-set, okay?

Simple. Easy. I might even go so far as to call it common-sense.

If you let your local Hezbollah idiots launch Katyushas from your back-yard, then you can bet your burkha that Israeli ordnance is going to be landing in that back-yard before you can say, "Cold Steel On Warm Bodies!"

I weep for the dead at Qana. I wish justice for the dead at Qana, and I demand that those responsible for those deaths pay for those deaths.

Those who are responsible for the deaths at Qana are those who parked a Katyusha rocket rack behind the building at Qana and fired rockets upon an Israeli position from behind the building.

And as long as Hezbollah continues to hide behind civilians while shooting at Israel, as long as Hezbollah fires rockets from play grounds, and mortars from apartment building roof-tops, as long as Hezbollah shoots from behind civilian women and children, then civilian casulaties are not only guaranteed, but are to be firmly laid at the feet of Hezbollah.

Stop hiding behind civilians, and then you can bitch about civilian casualties.

Stop letting Hezbollah use civilians as shields, and then you can bitch about civilian casualties.

Stop letting Hezbollah use you as a human shield, and then you can bitch about civilian casualties.

Until then (and this is addressed with nothing but love to the United Nations in general, and Kofi Annan specifically) until you get Hezbollah to stop using innocent civilians as shields, just shut the hell up and let the IDF work.



none said...

Damn straight lawdog.

The boo hoo bleeding hearts totally ignore the fact that Hezbollah hides behind civilians just like Saddam and countless other monsters have in the past.

If you read the headlines over at ABC and CNN they are filled with
"Israel bombs innocent children"
"Civilians targeted by IDF"

I don't know why the liberal left is so enamored with murderous, terroristic islamacists but it's starting to wear thin.

Israel needs to make it extremeley uncomfortable for any state that harbors hezbollah fighters.

Anonymous said...

What the talking heads don't realize is that eventually, there will not be any terrorists to hide among civilians when they are all dead. It's terrible that innocents die, but it's more terrible to allow those responsible for their deaths to be allowed to live and do it again.

Anonymous said...

Something that I can't seem to find are death toll numbers that include the word Hezbollah.

According to UN News Centre the numbers are 350 Lebanese killed with 1,000 injured and 34 Isrelis killed with 200 wounded.

How many of these 350 "innocent" Lebanese were members of or providing support for Hezbollah. When they're firing rockets from neighborhoods they're terrorists. Yet as soon as they are smoldering piles of ash all of a sudden they're civilians again...

Ken said...

Good point, but I think there are far too many cases in which if you try to take said wife and said sprogs away, said Hezbollah will invite you to remain home and observe said festivities at gunpoint. Just read somewhere else (may have been Daily Pundit, that there was a delay of up to eight hours between the time the apartment building was hit and the time it collapsed. As Bill Quick said, Hezbollah probably had a heck of a time keeping everyone inside....

Anonymous said...

The whole thing is going exactly to plan. Hezbollah's plan, that is. Incurring lots of graphic civilian casualties is SOP in assymetrical warfare.

Jeff the Baptist said...

You forgot "Stop creating honest to God civilian casualties on the other side of the border with random rocket strikes."

Anonymous said...

Sorry, LawDog. I usually agree with you big time, but I feel this time you're "just slightly" off base. Just how many Katyusha rockets were at the International Airport? How about NONE? Those things have a short range. We have cruise missiles that can fly through a window and take out the refridgerator. So do the Israelis. You can't tell me they can't hit the launcher without taking out a city block. Just how many launchers were in the UN compound? Why is Israel taking out bridges, power plants etc?

They have decided to DESTROY Lebanon and make them pay for Hezbolla. Probably also to use them as an example.

Why is it there have been 300-500 CIVILIAN casualties in Lebanon and 15 civilian casualties in Israel?

This is equivalent to your 16 yo son repeatedly shooting my windows out with a slingshot, so one day me and 30 of my friends open fire with heavy machine guns on your house and kill most people inside it.

Somehow, we managed to do quite well BOTH in Iraq & Afganistan without having to kill massive amounts of civilians.

I only hope this conflict will be used to take out the Iranian nuclear program. If that happens, then it will have been worth it.....

Anonymous said...

Shoot, you'll like this roll playing game here that allows YOU to determine the outcome of the Israel/Lebanon situation:

Anonymous said...

How about if a bunch of Anti-Mexican KKK members started sniping Mexicans across Rio Grande. Maybe even gotten their hands on some rockets and kidnapped 2 Mexican cops. I am so freaking sure that y'all would blame KKK and totally support Mexican Air force while its leveling El Paso and Austin and Houston to the ground "because KKK is hiding there" ... and no, it would not be very easy for our government to ensure no one fires across the border.
I really wont to hear how y'all would be totally OK with Mexican army taking out a school with children it, because KKK ran into it when they saw the Mexican jets approach. I am completely sure, as y'all would hold what's left of your 10 year old that you would have NO PROBLEM that the Mexican plane killed your kid. Noooo, all responsibility rests with the KKK...

A while back you quoted Nitchke (sp?) "Those who fight monsters must take great care so they don't become monsters themselves. If you stare into the Abyss long enough, the Abyss stares back at you" (or something like that) Are you sure Isreal has not forgotten that? To me it seems, there are two monsters out there.....

Anonymous said...

They say free speech is great, it lets you tell who the idiots are.
Weapons flying in? Yep. Crater the runway.
Weapons coming in by truck? Yep. Drop the bridges.
Gee, maybe there is a reason besides the 'destruction of Lebanon'.
Mr. Anonymous, Lebanon has allowed a terror group, which by the way pioneered suicide bombing and has killed more 'Mericans than I care to remember, to operate without hindrance. To MAKE WAR on a neighboring state without hindrance. I think that your analogy, while touching, is so far out in left field that it will only score points with (you guessed it) the terror enabling left - oh, and hezballah.
Hezballah does this (deliberately causing civilian casualties) because it works. It works because the mainstream media and terrorist sympathizers such as anon above are gleefully enthusiastic about parroting casualty figures without descriminating between civilian and terrorist. It works because these sympathizers move mountains to avoid placing the blame where it belongs.

Anonymous said...

This is entirely appropriate:

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna have to toss in a liberal comment. I don't KNOW anything about this particular phase of the war, the commentary has thrown up a smoke screen that really confuses things.

I am firmly convinced that Israel is better at making war than any nation around them. I offer the evidence they exist. :)

I am equally convinced that arabs will fight each other if no other enemy is conveniently located.. again, I only offer the last millenium of their history as evidence..

I am quite certain that Israel is NOT willing to spend vast sums of money (even OUR money) foolishly.. they are, after all, mostly of european ghetto (and russian ghetto) ancestry, as a culture, and those aren't frivolous and spendthrift types.

They do intend to get VALUE out of their expenditure of funds..

yes? All racial and cultural bigotry set aside, Israel ain't much on bling, yo?

So you gotta figure, they're spending HECK out of some money, fighting Hezbollah.

Now, just on the ODDS.. what do you think about the concept they're doing it efficiently, to the best of their ability, and as required by circumstance?

You REALLY think they're being overly agressive, or overly sloppy in their targeting, or INVENTING the rockets they shoot back at?

I don't. If I was a lebanese, and could get to the IDF, i'd find SOME info they wanted, bad enough to get me OUT of lebanon.

and i GOT kids, don't want any kids killed, don't believe the Israeli's want any kids killed, and wish to hell there was any other way..

but I do believe the Israeli's got a grip on their own national defense.

we don't. and as they DO, and We DON'T.. shaddup about it. Not my business, not my war, not my decision.

i have opinions, but they're as irrelevant as yours are, unless you're THERE.