Thursday, August 10, 2006

Cynthia McKinney -- again.

Evidently, Cynthia McKinney has never been taught how to lose with grace.

What I want to know -- and I feel I deserve an answer to -- is why does Cynthia McKinney get a pass on this crap?

Watch this video, courtesy of Ms Underestimated, and explain to me just why the hell nobody in politics or the MainStream Media jumps down Cynthia's throat?

Why is this?

If I had said just one of the slurs that were bandied around so freely by Ms. McKinney and her entourage, my furry arse would be burned in effigy on the court-house lawn.

There'd be editorials full of outrage by highly-placed newspaper staffers demanding my head on a pike, talking heads would be opining at length about my character...

For Cynthia -- business as usual.

Does anyone here think I could call any Africa-American an "Uncle Tom" during an interview on national TeeVee, and not get roasted, sued, and investigated for civil rights violations?

So, why does Cynthia McKinney get a pass on it?

Is it because she's a woman? Is it because she's black? Is it because she's a Democrat?

Why? Why does she get to operate on a different set of rules than me?

Mel Gibson gets drunk, fires off some slurs concerning Jews, and he winds up on FoxNews and CNN every 15 minutes.

Has anyone even seen a report about this, much less a rotating one every 15 minutes?

Gibson's stupidity got him an article in every major newspaper, his anti-semetic comments were repeated with lip-smacking relish, and editorials were dedicated to him.

Anybody seen anything about McKinney? Has CNN run any of the anti-semetic comments from this incident?

Once -- just once -- I'd like a MainStream Media person to sit down and tell me that they believe that all animals are equal, but that some animals are more equal than other animals.

Just once, I'd like them to tell me that behavior that they won't tolerate from white male me, is perfectly acceptable behavior from anyone else who isn't white, male, or me.

It's bushwa, it's obvious bushwa, and I'm getting tired of the MainStream Media's obvious bias.



Abejarron Caotico said...

"Is it because she's a woman? Is it because she's black? Is it because she's a Democrat?"

Well, yeah! Didn't you get the memo? Women are oppressed, blacks are oppressed, and the Democrats are the party that helps the oppressed. It's just plain evil to undermine the work they're doing by continuing to oppress these people by disagreeing with them and speaking out against them!

Of course, I used that memo to line the bottom of my cockatiel's cage.

Anonymous said...

Four legs good, two legs baaaaaaaaaad.

Anonymous said...

"Cut her fucking head off!!!"-Crazy farmer(the waterboy)


Still waiting on the no toothpaste on airliners bit.

Dr. StrangeGun said...

", and the Democrats are the party that helps the oppressed. "

You mean, the Democrats are the party that help the oppressed stay oppressed, right?

none said...

Business as usual. Remember Jesse Jackson's anti-semitic comments?

Yes Democrats, and minorities can pretty much say what they want with impunity.

Hell, I'm considered a minority but I have enough brains and self respect not to throw around racial slurs.

Well once again it's the pot calling the kettle black.

Anonymous said...

To me the really scary part is that this woman, who was ELECTED to Congress, has surrounded herself with what I can only interpret as A GANG!!! To me the video was what I would have expected if a major drug dealer has been released, not someone who passes laws in the last superpower left..... (not sure how much longer, though.....)

Abejarron Caotico said...

"You mean, the Democrats are the party that help the oppressed stay oppressed, right?"

I said they help them. I didn't say how. I'm sure that in some cultures "making life miserable and raising people's bloodpressure through insane antics" is what the word "help" translates as.

Maybe the problem is that McKinney drank too much of the flouridated water. She should have tried harder to preserve her precious bodily fluids... would have kept her sane. (Sorry... couldn't help it once I saw the name "dr. strangegun".)

Calico Jack said...


Money is the reason McKinney gets a pass from MSM for her despicable behavior. If anyone cares to believe my unscientific survey (I spoke to a retired talking head), money provided by advertising sponsors is the first item that drives MSM. Beyond that, the producer’s own personal agenda plays a big part, as do FCC censors. Mainly, it’s advertising dollars that carry the biggest stick.

McKinney has been careful to insulate herself from criticism by a pre-emptive play of the race card. Cynthia McKinney surrounds herself with the New Black Panthers and her constituents are primarily black, making defense against any criticism easy. If you’re black and criticize McKinney, you’re an Oreo cookie or an Uncle Tom. If you’re not black, you’re a racist and your discriminatory critical remarks are fueled by racism. How tough is that?

I’m willing to give four to one odds that, ironically, the vast majority of the New Black Panthers haven’t the faintest idea of who Uncle Tom was or where the stories of Uncle Tom originated.

Hobie said...

Right on LawDog!

Anonymous said...

And from the Anti-Defimation League regarding McKinney's comments, we hear the sound of crickets chirping.

Yep, with liberals, racism and anti-Semitism is A-OK if you're one of them. The Nation of Islam has been getting away with racist and anti-Semitic comments for ages. When OJ Simpson was in court for the charges of killing his wife, feminist and anti-domestic abuse groups were kept from protesting the court by black groups and the Democratic machine of LA. And black people who get enough education to pull themselves out of poverty and act like decent, civilized human beings are regarded as Uncle Tom's, and "house niggers/niggahs".

The Democrats/liberals are NOT the party of racial tolerance; they are the party of the double standard.

LogEyed Roman said...

I love the way "Uncle Tom" has become a scornful label, marking a black man as being someone who collaborates with white people--excuse, me, I mean White people--excuse me, I mean The Man--against black people. Uncle Tom is of course the title character in "Uncle Tom's Cabin." He speaks with endless deference and gentleness to white people in the novel, including his vicious master, Simon Legree. But he does so out of good manners, self-interest (you could get beaten or worse for not speaking that way routinely as a black person among white people back then), and Christian charity. He did not hesitate, no matter how gentle and mannerly he spoke, to rebuke even Simon Legree-though he was sensible about it.

The character Uncle Tom died under torture, refusing to reveal the hiding place of two women who were fleeing from Legree's abuse.

So how do all the Hip-Hop and Rap artists stack up? Uncle Tom gave his life to protect black women. These characters openly speak of horrible abuse and contempt for women, including black women.

Uncle Tom, come back, your people need you.

LogEyed Roman