Thursday, August 31, 2006

Feo, Fuerte y Formal

Gwyllyn Samuel Newton Ford.

Born: 1MAY1916 in Quebec, Canada, became a naturalized US citizen in 1939.

Joined USMC 1942, and was NCOIC of a camera crew at Normandy Beach. He and his crew also documented Dachau concentration camp after its liberation by American forces.

He was discharged from the USMC after WWII with the rank of sergeant, the Medaille de la France Libre, and the Légion d'Honneur.

On 30DEC1958, Ford enlisted in the Naval Reserve, served 30 days of active duty in Vietnam while advising Marine Combat Camera Teams in the Mekong Delta, earning the Navy Commendation Medal and the Vietnamese Legion of Merit, First Class.

He retired from the Naval Reserve 1OCT1978, at the rank of Captain.

Captain Gwyllyn Samuel Newton Ford, USNR (Ret) passed away 30AUG2006.

For those Gentle Readers who may not be familiar with Capt. Gwyllyn Ford, he made a movie or two under the name Glenn Ford.

Requiescat in Pacem, Captain.



Contrary said...

He was always somebody who reminded me of my Dad. Funny, gentle and intelligent. Of course, I've no idea if he was that way or not, but I always loved watching him. Thanks, this was a nice tribute.

Anonymous said...

One of his more interesting movies was a little thing called "Rage". Plot: down in Mexico, bit by what was probably a rabid dog, and driving a busload of women and kids to the nearest city for treatment.

AlanDP said...

I wrote a profile of him yesterday for my series of famous pipe smokers, although it won't be published until Saturday. I've linked to your post because you have the most detailed description I could find of his military service.

Anonymous said...

A bygone era, when actors served the military with pride. Think I'll poor a glass of good bourbon and drink a toast to Mr. Ford.

Billiam said...

He was a good man, and an exceptional actor. His mold is broken.

joated said...

A damn good man and a fine actor.

Anonymous said...

A fine actor and someone I admired very much.
I would like to have met Mr. Ford while enjoying some good tobacco in my favorite pipe.

God Bless

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