Monday, August 14, 2006

I have been gifted with a digital camera.

Let us test this little gem out...

Hey! It works!

Above, you should be seeing a picture of the latest addition to Rancheria LawDog. Looks like two of the girls don't quite trust him yet, and are keeping a close eye on him.

And he's a puppy. Look at the size of him, compared to the black-and-white cowdog/terrier on the right.

He's going to be huge.


Oh, well.



Abejarron Caotico said...

*gasp* Ohhhhh... I just want to HUG him!

Anonymous said...

Just hope he doesn't do what my mum's rotty did and and think he's still a puppy.
It's utterly ridious seeing this huge bloody rotty trying to fit under a chair, climb onto someone's lap, or do the "I'm a cute puppy" thing while slobbering everywhere.

Anonymous said...

What a cutie!!!

Vic303 said...

Not to worry, Dog, those girls will have him whipped into shape in no time at all! He looks quite content at your place. Good job!

Anonymous said...

I personally think if one takes in stray dogs they find they should get a sainthood attached to their reputation. Taking in dogs you find right off the're a better person than I. Damn cat I tried to rescue in the freezing cold ran away from me when I tried to open the door.

Anonymous said...

Digital cameras are great for taking LOTS of photos because you can just delete the ones you don't like, no buying of film or processing unless you want to make a print/enlargement.

Because my digital camera also shoots video (in .MOV format, but not as good as a video camera), we just bought a 2GB card for it ($50 after rebate).

Enjoy your new camera!

kateykakes said...

My kids use my digital more than I do, and everytime I want to take a pic, I have to replace the battery because they've killed it already!

BTW, love the dogs, especially the big guy...he's beautiful.

And another thing - the floors look just like mine!!! :) Love them!

HollyB said...

Oh,'Dog, He's Gorgeous!!! And the rest of the pack will eventually get their noses back in joint. They just have to figure out he's not going to eat them!!!

We go through 40lbs of Eukanuba/month with Ben and Boo. Lots less residue in the yard to clean up before mowing. And although it's a bit pricey, he only needs 4 cups/day and he weighs a bit over 100 lbs and she gets 2 cups/day to maintain her 56 lbs.

I've forgotten his name.
But I know he'll be a true and loyal friend.

Anonymous said...

Not that LawDog will likely be taking any self-pictures with it... me, y'all. :rolleyes:

--Matt G.

LawDog said...

Not that LawDog will likely be taking any self-pictures with it... me, y'all. :rolleyes:

--Matt G.

What Matt said. In spades.

Anonymous said...

I kind of envy you Lawdog, I just lost two cats. "Diva" was an old friend of many years and she passed of old age. "Q-tip" was a young fella with a bad habit of hiding under things, a bed slat came adrift while he was hiding under a bed and the box spring came down and crushed him. we've still got "Sekura" a Pit Bull bitch and as sweet natured a dog as any and we're going to stick with just the dog until the humane society has a cat that needs us.

Anonymous said...

...looks rather like the doggy asleep next to me... though he maxed out at 50lbs.

I understand the stray thing too. The dog under my left elbow came in when the neighbors left (though she would escape and scrape at my door at any opportunity when they did live there).

Before that, the one I mentioned first just walked up to the house and decided he liked it. He's been a great boy ever since.

The one to my right was being kicked from yard to yard to yard in my neighborhood. I took her in with the intent of finding her owners... then I saw her physical condition. I got her healthy (worms & starvation& no fur around the chest from some kind of chain) and have a wonderfully loyal, possibly pure yellow lab.

Yeah, I'm bad...