Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Col. Cooper

Word around several gunny forums is that Colonel Jeff Cooper has had some recent nasty health issues.

I hope that's just an Internet rumour, but it probably wouldn't hurt if folks lit a candle or two, or let fly with a prayer.



Anonymous said...

Word I heard is he was in hospital for some sort of surgery, and had a heart attack while in. Was immediately treated but still major heart muscle damage.

Hammer said...

I was reading a couple issues back
Col Cooper stated he was no longer in fighting condition.

I've been a huge fan of his ever since I could lift a gun magazine.

Here's to hoping he pulls through ok.

striker3 said...

My wife works in hospice care. My prayers for Col Cooper are that when he dies, he is at least allowed to die with the dignity he deserves.

Men like the Col are few and far between. I hope that someone from this generation can step up to attempt to fill his shoes.

Anonymous said...

At this page there is an update on Col Cooper's health. Does not look to promising.

Anonymous said...

Jeff cooper dead