Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Deja fu*

*The feeling that somewhere, somehow you've been kicked in the head like this before.

Mexico has a new Big Cheese. Sort of.

Seems like Mexico wound up with an election that was a skosh too close to call.

As these things do, it went to the Supreme Court -- Mexican in this case -- and they named Felipe Calderone as new Chief Bottlewasher by about 0.56% of the vote.

Calderone's opponent, one Lopez Obrador, promptly threw a temper-tantrum which has left two-year-old children throughout the world in absolute awe.

Young Master Obrador states that he "does not recognize the new government", and vows to physically block President-elect Calderone from taking office. Obrador has further promised to form a "parallel government and rule from the streets". Until his mom calls him in to supper, of course.

His supporters are calling for armed revolution, and have -- among other actions -- invaded, occupied and secured toll-booths for use by friendly forces; bum-rushed the stage where the current El Jefe was to deliver the State of the Union (heading happily down the khazi, why do you ask?) Address, forcing him to deliver it via TeeVee; prevented election officials from recounting ballots; blockaded Mexico city's financial district to the tune of about 23 million USD a day; not to mention innumerable clashes with Mex police --always loads of fun in a barroom brawl kind of way.

Things look to be really,
really interesting for Mexico's new Numero Uno Jefe-in-Charge.

I'll give you three guesses as to which side of the political spectrum Young Master Obrador embraces, and the first two guesses don't count.

For those of you who guessed "LEFT", give yourselves a pat on the back.

No word yet on whether or not their norteAmericano cousins are taking notes for our up-coming election season, or simply weeping in jealousy.



Brettbot said...

I've been wondering when someone was going to bring this up. A bit much, eh?

phoenix ravenflame said...

I want to be informed and concerned... I really do. But I couldn't stop laughing over this:

"Obrador has further promised to form a "parallel government and rule from the streets". Until his mom calls him in to supper, of course."

Your storytelling is getting in the way of my being and educated and responsible citizen! Don't stop, though... I like it better this way.

Grunt said...

Calderone ? Do Sonny and Rico know about this? Even better does LT Marty Castillio? Why do I hear Jan Hammer music in the backgroud?

Rorschach said...

The joint is due for a good cleaning, sort of like the Augean stables. A WHOLE lot of horse shit needs to be hosed out of the place. Mexico SHOULD be a very prosperous country. They have lots of oil and other mineral wealth, plenty of modern infrastructure to build industrial might on top of, and a whole lot of people willing to work their arse off. No, wait, they are all over here now...

CDH said...

Just what we in the south need, a revolution south of the border.

Bracing for the influx of chaos in South Texas...