Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Vaya con Dios, Colonel

Jeff Cooper.

10MAY1920 to 25SEP2006

Requiscat in Pacem.



Don Gwinn said...

I didn't know.

I'm so sorry he passed, but great googly moogly, what a LIFE!

LogEyed Roman said...

I am very sorry. But I have to agree with don gwinn. We all die, but God, what a life!

The Colonel, in promoting combat pistolcraft the way he did, not only contributed to the survival of a lot of good guys while shortening the life expectancy of the goblin population; he was a hero--the word is not excessive--of the human struggle for freedom, which has reached its best expression, however imperfectly, here in America.

I'm sorry I never met him. He will be missed, yet I cannot be too sad; look what he left us!


Art Eatman said...

I first heard of him when I got into IPSC, some 25 years back. Because of his continued writing, he's always seemed ageless. "Always gonna be there."

But like all really good teachers, he's immortal for another generation or two. His writings will last even longer.