Monday, October 30, 2006

Chupacabra. They're all over Mexico.

Why didn't anybody tell me about The Venture Brothers?

Perverse. Sick. Twisted.

I love it.

It is definently not a kid's cartoon. There's a bit of salty language, an adult situation or three, more salty language, couple more adult situations, grown-up humour ...

Come to think, it's pretty much one long adult situation.

Not for the faint of heart, and some folks aren't going to get the humour, but if you're as squirrelly as I am, you'll probably laugh yourself sick over it.

The sheer number of sly allusions in each episode is amazing.

Anyhoo, something to keep in mind for Wierd Uncle Harold this Christmas.

And Brock Samson is my hero.



Anonymous said...

Go Team Venture.

Unix-Jedi said...

I accidentally stumbled across them - and it was love at first sight.

The 12 step .. wait, I'm spilling too much if you've not seen many episodes.

Get the DVDs. Find someone with Tivo for the latest season.

Then prepare to come join me for my Assault on the Cartoon Network HQ for not ordering them to the exclusion of all the other crap, crap, crap, they're showing. It's the only "original" show with *any* attraction. Family Guy? Futurama? They're OK. Cowboy Bebop actually got me paying attention to this Japanese stuff. But.. Tom Goes To The Mayor? Squidbillies? If I drank, maybe I'd understand.

(The Boondocks might rock, if it weren't for the severe case of BDS rabies that MacGruder's contracted.)

Anonymous said...

Should be primetime. Kicks Simpsons/Family Guy's butt.

Anonymous said...

'Squidbillies' is also pretty damned good.

Anonymous said...

They hit me with a truck.... Brock is my hero also. Keep up the great work. When can we expect the rest of the pink Gorilla suit story?

Anonymous said...

Ohhh and chek out Aqua Teen Hunger Force....

Dr. StrangeGun said...

Tom/Mayor and Squidbillies, I'll pass. Too base (or just boring, really). 12oz Mouse couldn't keep my attention either.

Robot chicken? Moral Orel? Venture Bros? Metalocalypse? You frickin' bet they're on the tivo schedule :)

Aqua teen hunger force? Eh. Undecided.

There's a new one I haven't caught yet called Frisky Dingo that shows promise too.

Anonymous said...

Check out the fix on
On fridays they post new shows.
Robot chicken is pretty good too!

Anonymous said...

The Venture Brothers is the only reason I continue to pay for extended cable.

That and the Mrs demands it.

Anonymous said...

The very first episode I saw was the "ghost pirates" one, and I was laughing from the get-go. My friend who introduced me to the series couldn't figure it out, and I eventually realized she had never heard "Space Oddity!"

Anonymous said...

Venture Brothers
Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Robot Chicken
and every so often, Squidbillies

The guys working at Adult Swim are geniuses.