Friday, January 12, 2007

Well, now, that's the best news I've heard in a while

Texas Representative Ron Paul, Libertarian-in-Republican-clothing, has filed to form an exploratory committee for the purposes of maybe running for President in 2008.

That's outstanding news.

He's got my vote.



Anonymous said...

Ron Paul for President... count me in too.

mustanger98 on THR

Rick O'Shea said...


I disagree with him on a few points, not the least of which is his lack of support for the war.

No mention of his views on gun control.

All in all, though, perhaps a lesser evil than the other candidates (which is what voting usually amounts to anyway).

1894C said...

I'm sick to death of the lesser of two evils.

Ron Paul is a libertarian at heart, his view on the RTKBA is GOOOOD!

This is GREAT news!

Go Ron Paul!

Anonymous said...

I don't especially agree with his views on the war or the borders, but on most every other topic...GO RON!

Count me in...

Kristopher said...

Want to see him elected?

Join the Republican Party ... and then call his office and offer to volunteer.

Kristopher said...

What is there to disagree with him on gun control?

He got a low rating from the NRA for refusing to vote for NRA sponserod gun control measures, like instant check.

He saw instant check as what it is ... a second amendment violation.

Anonymous said...

He has my vote, my support, my time and my dollars.

This is the best news I have heard in a very long time politics wise.

Rabbit said...

He's got my full support. I'll send him a check for the war chest.

...and all this time I thought I'd be voting for Condi in '08...


bjbarron said...

Don't get your hopes up. We know him, but who else does?

We're going to get stuck with another Wanker.

Tim Covington said...

If he is in the primaries, it will cause me to join the GOP so I can vote for him in the primary.
However, my bet is on McCain or Giuliani for the Republican nomination. This will mean another election where I will watch individual rights be chipped away.

doc Russia said...

My vote is his.

Anonymous said...

Thank God!

I was just getting mentally prepared in advance to block out my upcoming memory of going full on whore and holding my nose and voting for McCain.

KBCraig said...

Amen and Hallelujah!

I heard the first back-channel confirmation of this earlier in the week.

I voted for Ron Paul in 1988 when he ran as a Libertarian, and will vote for him in the 2008 GOP primary. And --God willing-- I'll be able to vote for him in the general election, too.

"Dr. No" brings to the race one thing no other candidate has: enthusiastic supporters who actually want to see him become president. Face it, nobody is all that excited about McCain, Giuliani, Romney, Huckabee or Brownback being president. At best, the party faithful find them "acceptable", and hopefully electable.

Those libertarians and constitutionalists who have eschewed politics will be drawn back into the process by a candidate who actually believes in following the Constitution.

The buzz in New Hampshire is very favorable to Ron Paul.

Oromin said...

This guy seems pretty good, but from what I can tell, he seems to present the same sort of objections to me as Sam Brownback (non-support of the Iraq war), except to a greater degree. I think Brownback would be more likely to have my vote than Paul. However, if Ron Paul manages to win the primary, I'd probably vote for him. The '08 primary will be my first election to vote in, so I hope there'll be at least somebody decent to vote for.