Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spring forward


I hope everyone remembered to set their clocks forward one hour at 0200 this morning.

No one at Rancho LawDog remembered -- fortunately no one had to be anywhere today.

Pain in the tuckuss.



Janean said...

Oh YAH! Big pain in the hiney!
See what I did?

Judy said...

You should have heard the cheers at my workplace as the clocks ticked from 0159 to 0300.

Not all of us think it's a pain.

That "fall back" on the other hand.....

Anonymous said...

Strikes me this is part of an energy-saving measure (or so my sleep-fogged brain worked out of the morning's NPR broadcast) and that this will continue until November. For how many years, I don't know.

Bit odd, since everyone these days seems to work inside, so it's useless unless there are big windows to catch the sunlight.

JeanC said...

I set everything I could think of before going to bed Sat night and that included the timer our one lamp it on with the daylight bulb in it.

I did forget to turn the central heat back on Sat after it being so warm in the house I had the windows open and couldn't figure out why I was so cold Sunday morning :P

Anonymous said...

As I recall, there are still some states that don't bother with goofy time. Ya'll might not want to quote me as to which ones but IIRC, Arizona's one of 'em, and I think Utah. There may or may not be others.

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