Friday, April 20, 2007

Copycat Effect

I have the last couple of days writing a blog entry regarding copycats of the VA Tech shootings -- unfortunately, I can't get it to flow to my satisfaction.

Fortunately, someone with a lot more experience in the subject has done the work for me:

Loren Coleman's Blog: The Copycat Effect.

Read the article linked above, then go back and read the archives.

Tip of the Stetson to Peter for e-mailing me the link.



Unknown said...

Around my household, the week containing April 19 and April 20 have become known as "weirdo week.'

Unknown said...

My Alma Mater (currently going on)

My high school (Tuesday)


Anonymous said...

Thanks Lawdog, I tried but I can't stand reading white on black text. It hurts my eyes.

Anonymous said...

". . . tried . . . can't stand . . . white on black . . ."

I use Opera and Firefox, both of which have alternate viewing styles for pages coded so as to hurt the eyes.

kamagra said...

I'm finally back! Dude, I had you bookmarked on my computer, given that I am an assiduous reader of your blog, but then I had to format my pc and lost my favorite sites folder! Anyways, I'm glad I found you, I will be visiting you more often.