Friday, April 13, 2007

Neater than kitten toes

Whilst banging around the Internet researching something completely different, I stumbled cross the homepage of the A. Uberti company.

Uberti has dug out quite a niche for themselves making firearms for the Cowboy Action shooters, and I was browsing their single-action revolver section -- with my .41 Special project in mind -- when I discovered this.

Scroll down to the No. 3, 2nd Model with the 3 1/2-inch barrel.

It can be had in .44-40. A snubnose, top-break .44-40.

Is that not just the neatest thing you've ever seen?

One of these pistols riding in a skeleton shoulder rig and a gentleman of the Belle Époque would be set to ride the Orient Express to Istanbul, travel up the Nile, or dine with the Viceroy of India.


So many toys, so little money.



TierFlyer said...

Nice, but the cheapest ammo I could find on cheaperthandirt was $0.50/round. Ouch.

Mr. Fixit said...

Don't forget Cimarron Firearms. Manufactured right here in Texas.
You could even go down and lay a paw on 'em.
Personally, I like the 1873 rifles, and really want one with their "original finish". Looks like it has been around for over a hundred years. Don't forget the leather either.

Mr Fixit

none said...

I love the look of the schofield, I would want a more reloading friendly caliber though.

Anonymous said...

Uberti makes some fine firearms. I don't know why you'd want 44-40 instead of 45colt but to each their own. By the way mr. fixit, most of the Cimarron revolvers are made by Uberti to their specifications.

Unknown said...

That's a pretty neat piece. I'd be retro enough to actually carry one of those.

Anonymous said...

A buddy and I had a good day today shooting our Uberti cap 'n ball revolvers. Too fun!

DW said...

A few years ago I taught a CCH class which included a gentelman who claimed to be head of the Army's CID for the Pacific Rim. I put him on the short list of people to watch closely if he got upset. He shot very tight groups with a two inch .357 Smith.

He brought an original Schofield in .38 Smith and Wesson. I reserve the right to fire anything on my range ('cause I like to shoot neat guns I can't afford)and found this one to be about the most accurate hand gun I've seen. I was shooting cloverleaf groups at seven yards.

Havent bought a gun in a while, that looks to cool.

Anonymous said...

"So many toys, so little money."

That's the truth in a nutshell. Now, what I'd like is their Peacemaker clone in .44Special with the 4 3/4" barrel. I didn't check to see if they still offer it, but they've gotten as expensive if not moreso as Rugers. But comparing .45 for .45, I like my Ruger's Vaquero with the 5.5" barrel and charcoal blue finish... the old model; I can't touch these new ones. Well, yeah, I *can* touch 'em... just can't let one follow me home... yet.

mustanger98 on THR

Anonymous said...

Tastes differ, but I think the 3.5" looks stubby and the 5" "Wells Fargo" version is well proportioned.
I shoot CAS with .44-40s because I got a good deal on a Winchester and had a .44-40 cylinder put in my Colt .44 Special. But I wouldn't go that way from scratch, it is just that much more work to load.
I recommend the .45; a .38 on that frame size is heavy and poorly balanced.

DW, if your guy had a Schofield in .38 S&W, it is a heck of a rarity. The No 3 New Model Target .38 in the next room is not a common piece and although the No 2 Second Model .38 with it is, neither are of Schofield design.

Anonymous said...

I have here, sitting next to me, a Uberti .44 in black powder. It weighs just enough to make me ponder buying a trailer to haul it in.

It has fancy scroll work engraved on the cylinder. Apparently it read "Samuel Colt" but the Colt company made them stop putting that on their pistols so this one has obvious zeroing marks.

I do love my house warming gift though.


Diamond Mair said...

Uhhh, LawDog? I b'lieve General Patton had a rather .................. colorful .................. description of precisely "who" would carry pearl-handled revolvers.................... ;-) I figure it was cleaned up for the movie: "Ivory. Only a pimp from a cheap New Orleans whorehouse would carry a pearl-handled revolver."
Wuv ya, LawDog!!

Anonymous said...

I think a three-inch Russian model would be a real hoot for a shoulder holster or belly-gun.

Anonymous said...

"So many toys, so little money."

You are a cop. You live & work in the Wild West. Can't you deduct this as a business expense?


Anonymous said...

Rather than an Italian revolver...Look at US Firearms..OOOOMy

I do pack a 44 Special Revolver almost every day