Monday, May 28, 2007

Nana's certificate

About a month or so back, I posted a question regarding how to get a copy of Nana's fathers diploma from UTMB.

The number of people offering help was truly humbling. I thank each and every one of y'all.

Last week, due to the kind efforts of people whom I've never met in the paint, a certificate came to Nana from UTMB.

It was not a copy of Great-granda's diploma. It was much better than that.

It was a wonderfully framed certificate recognizing Nana as the daughter of her father, stated when he graduated from UTMB, the length of time he served the people in his community, and embraced Nana as a member of the UTMB family.

I really don't have the words to express my gratitude, so I'll let some pictures do the talking.

Here is Nana, realizing what she has been given:
I think the look of surprise pretty much says it all.

Here is Nana with the certificate:

To those who helped this become reality, and to those who offered to help: thank you. The gift of your time and your care was more precious than you can imagine.



HollyB said...

Those are great pics, LD. Just priceless. Thanks for sharing.

Ulises from CA said...

Nana's looking good, considering what she's been through.


Nancy said...

There are some nice people out there.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome.

rfalfanut said...

Sometimes nice people do nice things for nice people!

I was rather sad when you posted that Nana had to go to a home, but it looks as if things are working out.

Tell Nana we are rooting for her!
Randy in Arizona

SK said...

What a wonderful thing to have given her!

You'd better watch out though, that lady still has spunk. Look at her smile :)

HollyB said...

You've been tagged with a Musical MeMe! See my Monday Blog for more details.

Anonymous said...

Great news! Hugs to Nana from Mr. & Mrs. OldeForce, here in Colorado. And I know the Son and Heir [who checks in to see how you and yours are doing] would want us to include his best wishes.

phlegmfatale said...

Nice to see Nana look so delighted.

catfish said...


That's great!

Hootie said...

Wonderful LD. There still a lot of good folks out there.

Vic303 said...

Those pics are priceless, Lawdog!

Kiki B. said...

That is really a sweet and precious picture. I am so glad Nana got her Dad's diploma. What an honor.

BTW, LD, how is Nana doing in her new surroundings? I hope well.

Anonymous said...

Nana is doing great at the residence. It's complete with church, Bible study, little programs, shopping, 1900s country food, lots of nieces, plenty of attention and her rose pink Swarovski crystal reading glasses.
Actually, it's kind of irritating because we tried so hard for so many years, and she's doing a lot better there than with us. However, they change shifts every 8 hours; we were on 24 hours a day and despite all manner of medical service and eldercare training, we just wore out.
There is a story about the reading glasses; get Dawg to tell it to you.

Diane said...

"Swarovski crystal" - good heavens, those things should be heavy enough to break her nose!

She looks like a pistol - here's prayers for many more years of Nana stories.

Anonymous said...

Mr. LawDog sir, if you won't finish the gorilla suit story, would you pretty pretty please tell the story about Nana's reading glasses? Mrs. LawMom just sort of left us hanging.
Thank you,
P.S. I like Nana stories, they remind me of my Grandmother who passed away 3 years ago. She was a pistol too. I sure do miss her.

Lin said...

I was beginning to think that our family was the only one which called nanny 'Nana' and said 'arse' - your blog makes me all sorts of nostalgic.

This was a wonderfully happy ending to your quest. Hope Nana kicks arse in her new home!