Friday, July 27, 2007

The semi-mythological collaboration post is up.

1) Start reading at MattG's place.

2) Then, continue from AD's viewpoint.

3) Conclude the story with Babs.

Strong stuff, told well.



Anonymous said...

Powerful stuff.

What are the chances of getting followup on the survivors?

Matt G said...

Well, Tony lived, and is in physical rehab-- he walks with a walker. Turned out only one leg was broken.

As Babs said, the critical patient didn't make it.

The driver is awaitng trial.

The boy who ran off has, to the best of my knowledge, received no repercussions beyond a ticket for drinking while underage.

RobC said...

WOW, got slapped again by amazing writing.

Drew said...

Wow. a story.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, LD. My son's heading off to college in a couple of weeks and he's a regular reader of your blog. At that age, doesn't hurt to hear about these messes from the people who have to clean them up.

Yeah, thanks and thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Small town cop first , now I work somewhere different. Struck nerves. It's worse when the families of the deceased are known to you. Strong stuff guys and well done.

Anonymous said...

LD, I'll say it here because those other three places are lit up like a Christmas tree right now.

I've sent an email to a carload of addressees advising them, whether they read blogs or not, to go to each of the three links I provided.

I further suggested that the high schools in this country could do well to print them out and put on a play using the posts as a script. Maybe THAT might do better than parking wrecks in the school parking lot to get the students to think a little more ahead when it comes to drinking and driving.

I don't know what the award is, but whatever it is, Matt, AD, and Babs should have it.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic writing! It Shows just how much so many of the people who do this kind of work care.

Barbara said...

Thank you.


Writing it got emotional too.

So thanks.

Anonymous said...


dlc444 said...

Read the trifecta. Very moving.

William the Coroner said...

I'm glad they got it together.

Rorschach said...

Out of tragedy, comes a work of art. Matt, Babs, AD, this is by far the most powerful, gripping writing I've read in some time. If there is such a thing as an award for dramatic blog writing, you three deserve it.

My hat is off to you three.

Matt G said...

I posted a follow-up post on Perspectives-- I found out what happened to Tony.

--Matt G

Patti L said...

Well, I read the first link. The other two no longer exist.
Same applies for many of your video links.
Too bad.

warrl said...

Actually, as of mid-July 2016 all three still exist... in some form.

Perspectives Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

And there's another story, Perspectives Volume 2.

Part 1, by LawDog

Part 2, AmbulanceDriver

scroll down a bit for Part 3

(The original author of part 3 of both stories chose to withdraw from the internet, so AmbulanceDriver started a second blog to rescue those two posts and keep them around.)

Now let's find out if I typed all that HTML correctly.