Sunday, July 01, 2007

Time for some linky-love

I've been over at Tole's place ripping up linoleum and putting down tiles, so I'm just a wee bit exhausted.

I have received a great many requests for permission to reprint my post on Immigration Reform -- folks, as long as you attribute my work to me, please feel free to repost my stuff where-ever you feel necessary -- or mail it to whom-ever (coughSenatorscough) you think necessary.

Now, since I hate to leave my Gentle Readers with nothing to read, I hereby present you with some new authors to peruse:

This is a Peace Officer blog from the far side of the pond. Accents may change, but the work and the critters don't.

Farmgirl is a south Colorado ranchers daughter and flag person for D.O.T. with a direct world-view and an easy way with words.

Cancer survivor, nerd, martial artist. What more could you want?

Retired squid and all around good writer.

The chronicles of a pregnant English professor. Not for the faint-of-heart, but definitely worth the read.

The Tygrrr Express: because -- despite what the proponents of the Fairness In Media law think -- you can never have enough conservative bloggers.




FarmGirl said...

I'm honored, thank you.

Old NFO said...

Thanks LD- I appreciate the comment :-) I'll even let you get away with calling me Squid!

CrankyProf said...

Oh, thanks for the link!

The Duck said...

Thanks just getting cranked up, but unless I tell people I'm out here, not sure many will find me in the cyber world.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the kind words regarding my blog. It genuinely means a lot. Much success to you, and your graciousness is appreciated.

eric :)

Anonymous said...

ZUG, Switzerland -- Evening rush hour at the train station: men in suits, a woman carrying a cello, kids lugging snowboards. Markus Marschall, a university engineering student, walked through the bustle wearing an orange T-shirt, leather jacket and aviator sunglasses -- and a Sturmgewehr 90 automatic assault rifle slung over his shoulder.

"It's perfectly normal," said Marschall, 25

Scott said...

Ah, I was wondering why my hits suddenly quadrupled! Thanks for the link!

Area Trace No Search said...

Just wanted to say thanks for the link - I've had a couple of people come over from your blog!