Sunday, October 28, 2007

Nom nom nom.


1/4 cup of unsalted butter
2 teaspoons dried chives
2 teaspoons lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon cracked black pepper

Mix all the above until thoroughly blended, then pop into 'fridge.

Go to the meat market and look for some generic 'cook-out steaks'. You'll need four weighing about six ounces each.

Grab four long rolls -- hoagie rolls, short baguette loaves, po'boy rolls, or such -- some lettuce and a red onion on your way to the register.

Fire up your grill, and cook your steaks to medium rare -- more if you're squeamish -- and scoop them onto a platter.

Split the rolls, lightly butter and toast them. Put a leaf of lettuce and a couple of red onion rings on the bottom half of the roll, slide a steak on top, then get your prepared butter out of the 'fridge and divide into four parts.

Four pats of herb butter, and four steaks -- obvious, yes?

Dab a pat of the butter onto each steak, so it will melt and run nicely over the steak -- and serve.

Voila! LawDog's Summer Steak Sandwich!



Jane Llewellyn said...

Ummmm! Sounds fabulous.. I will have to try that this week.

Anonymous said...

Dangit Lawdawg!

It is 0628 as I am typing this, drooling into my face foliage, and wanting LawDog's Summer Steak Sandwich for breakfast!

It ain't fair!
(Whines, snivels, & mutters, as he wanders off - - -)

Randy in Arizona.

charlotte g said...

Much, much better, not to mention easier. And not a mention of cheese.This sounds very good.

CrankyProf said...

That sounds lovely. I may try that this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Get a nice beef roast, 2-3 pounds. I used to buy t-bone roasts overseas because all cuts of meat that weren't hamburger cost the same. But any good lean marbled roast will do.
Anyway, slice garlic very, very thin.
Poke a knive blade deep into the meat, insert garlic slices about every 3 inches.
Marinate a day or two in a good red wine with a bay leaf, 4 lightly bruised mint leaves, cracked black pepper. a teaspoon of celery leaf, and a squirt of lemon.
When you figure it's soaked long enough, take it out and put in walnuts and thin slices little green onions.
Some people like to add sliced stuffed ripe olives. That's optional.
Cover very tightly and bake in the marinade at about 300 degrees for several hours, or until it falls apart.
Voila! Maltese roast beef.
Take my recipe off this time Dog, and you're not allowed to cook roast ever again.

kateykakes said...

Much, much better, not to mention easier. And not a mention of cheese.This sounds very good.


I supposed because I've lived in the Philly area for a very long time, I'm content with a cheese steak wit. (That's Geno's
speak for w/ onions).

BTW, I'm proud to say I have one of Geno's bumper stickers that say "This is America. When ordering, please speak English."


Your version of the steak sandwich sounds very good. I'll give it a try. :)