Monday, December 17, 2007

Changed appearance

I have arranged for a new header to be added to my little scribblings -- I hope that it meets with your approval.

Justin over at TheHighRoad did the actual work of designing the piece, any kudos should go to him. I also understand that Justin isn't averse to doing some freelance graphic designing -- anyone who may be interested, drop him an note at:

Unfortunately, during the adding of the new header the Magic Box Elves ate my brag badges -- despite assurances that they wouldn't.


If, in the past, you have sent me a blog brag badge, and you would like to see it back on The LawDog Files, please resend it to:

TheLawDogFiles (at) gmail (dot) com

And I'll have my wizard put it back.

If the new header does not meet with y'all's approval, do let me know.



Blackeagle said...

A flintlock? I'd have taken you for a revolver man (single action, of course).

HollyB said...

Oh, I like the old pistol atop the old map. The flowing script in that vivid blue is a nice touch, too. If my vote means anything, keep it!

Anonymous said...

blackeagle, Texas was originally settled before revolvers were introduced. The Colt's Paterson was introduced in 1836... IIRC, right about the time the Alamo fell.

Anonymous said...

In general, I like it. Only two comments:

1) Medium-blue-on-yellow isn't the easiest color combination in the world to read, at least for me. Outer glow and outlining notwithstanding. I think it would benefit from being a bit darker shade of blue.

2) Maybe put a badge at the left, to balance the pistol and emphasize this is a Peace Officer's little corner of the Web?

JD said...

I was a bit surprised too at a flintlock, would have figured something newer but it looks good to me. Nice addition, thumbs up

Mr. Fixit said...

I like it.

However, if not for seeing "Texas" on the map, I would have thought of a pirate.

Makes me want to say "Arrrrr!"

William the Coroner said...

I myself would have thought of a single action army or a Schofield. Contrariwise, a highland pistol would also be appropos, considering. I also second the addition of a badge to balance the composition.

Anonymous said...

I am completely indifferent to the addition of the flintlock pistol.


Shane said...

I like the flintlock, and I second the addition of a badge

phlegmfatale said...

Unique and beautifully rendered. The new header suits you.

Anonymous said...

Since the Dog is a deputy marshall, I think he needs to put his ggg-uncle's US Marshall's badge on the header.

OK Katrina said...

I like it, it's very nice. However, I think you should listen to your mother and add your uncle's badge, then it would be perfect.

I, too, have the same problem with the medium blue script on yellow, like wolfwalker mentioned. I do think a darker blue would help but that's just a preference, it certainly doesn't keep me from reading.

By the way, I always love to check the comments and see what LawMom has to say about your post. It's always something worthwhile and enjoyable. I bet she has some great stories of her own to tell.

Anonymous said...

I vote with LawMom, needs ggg Uncle's badge AND .41 Colt...

Just my $0.02

45govt said...

Agree with LawMom and others re badge, but not with flintlock. Nice bit of antiquaria, but not relevant. What about ole John Moses' most famous design. Well I would say that!

Anonymous said...

JMB's most famous design? Wait a minute, why would Lawdog want a Ma Deuce fifty-cal in his blog header?


Beaker said...

I really like the new picture. It fits :)

If the blue on yellow becomes a problem there are all sorts of web accessibility color contrast tools out there.

1911 said...

Justin does fine work, he is a close friend of mine and I am glad that he was able to sort out your header for you. Keep up the good work.

Zundfolge said...

Actually I was thinking instead of the flintlock, a Webley MK VI in .455 would be more appropriate.

But I like it.

At least now we know where LawDog comes down in the whole Pirates VS Ninjas thing :D

Walrilla said...

Very nice! I say keep it.

Anonymous said...

It looks nice, but the text has become very, very tiny! The main text is quite readable, but the links and archive links on the left side are just impossibly small.

Diane said...

I like it. I'm assuming Justin was using some sort of stock photo - unless you start taking your own and uploading it, it takes a while to find the right one.

CrankyProf said...

I really like the new look, LD. It could probably use the badge out of sentimentality, but all in all, if you left it as-is, it would work.

Anonymous said...

Hi all. Always glad to see people discussing my work!


I assure you, I found the choice of a front stuffer somewhat surprising as well! When we started, I figured LawDog would go for ol' slabsides or an SAA of some sort. But since the design's been done, it's grown on me.

The scripty font and blue text were chosen to match LawDog's preferred way of presenting his blog entries. Namely with bold, italicized blue type that's reminiscent of how he learned to write.

I did briefly flirt with the idea of including a badge, but ultimately didn't go with it because I couldn't locate a royalty-free stock image of a badge that looked authentic.

All in all, LawDog was great to work with. He was very tolerant of my geeking out over fonts and such.


Anonymous said...

I would suggest a thin red or orange line around the blue. That's secondary and direct contrast, and would make the blue bounce while not interfering with the color of the map.
I would also make the header slightly wider so I didn't get the feeling I was falling off the edge.
The world is, of course, square.
A photo of both Unk's .41 Colt (His Sunday pistol, and Dog's court gun) and the marshall's badge can be provided. I also have a reproduction map of early Texas which now almost qualifies as an antique itself; it's in blue and white with ombre lettering.
The boy simply doesn't know how to PLAN ahead!
For those of you who haven't tried his posole recipe, make up a big pot of it and add niblets of jalpenos stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped with bacon and roasted, or coated with egg white and deep fried. Very, very calorie-laden, so of course, delicious.

Assrot said...

I like the new header. It has a certain class to it. It fits what I can tell about your personality by what I read here.

What kind of gun is that in the picture? It looks like an old pre-Civil War Era hand gun.

Anonymous said...

I like it. The badge would be a nice adition, but it is fine as is.

Larry said...

I like it. It fits.

JPG said...

Just another opinion into the mix - -
I rather like the new color scheme. It is fairly easy to read, FAR more so than anything using light characters on dark background. And, ti doesn't glare as much as simple black-on-white. Justin has done his usual excellent job.

As to the header image - -
I like it. It cap;tures the flavor of old-time Texas pretty well. When settlers from the east began flowing into Texas, ALL the sidearms were flintlock (though I wouldn't be surprised to learn that a few ancient wheellocks came in with the European contingents.)

The era of single-shot percussion handguns was actually rather brief. Before they became truly widespread, tevolvers and pepperboxes were coming into vogue.

As to a badge - - I think th4e absence is entirely in keeping with the flintlock pistol. Lawmen simply did not wear badges during that era. It was probably late in the Days of the Republic before any could be seen, and they didn't become really common until after the War Between the States.

No, if Friend Dawg chooses to display a badge on his masthead, he'd do well to choose a later type sidearm to go with it. I like it the way it is.


Anonymous said...

I like the New Heading but would have thought a Colt Paterson would be better than a Flintlock, a lawman Enchanted Rock and all that.

trainer said...

Yellow? Blue?

Sometimes it's an advantage being color-blind.

Yep. ggg-dad's badge and an old peacemaker.

But it does look cool now.

Anonymous said...


I love it. Old-school flavour (OK, so REEEEEALLY old School *chuckle*), with your unique - old, blended with new - style.

Some points, however, should you consider changing it somewhere down the road (it is, after all, YOUR site, and should be what YOU want, not us...we come for the scribblings, not the visuals)

Anywho, on to the points:

None of your faithful followers would really see it as a pirate site, though newcomers might (unless you look closely at the map, it does evoke imakes of captain jack ;)) - do you REALLY want them to have that be their first "glimpse" of you? That would mean, either losing the flintlock, adding a badge, or both.

Personally, I would have guessed that the image you'd choose would include your church-gun (instead of the flintlock)and include ggg-uncles badge (to keep it more in tune with YOU- being a family oriented kind o guy, and all).

I s'pose that would be my recommendation; if you chose to change it at all.

Do ONLY the following: Replace the flintlock with the churchgun, and add your ggg-uncles badge. Change nothing else and THAT, friend, is the you we know.

The bottom line, though, is that it's your site. Do with it what you will, it won't change our desire to drinketh from the cup (so to speak).

It has, of course, struck me that there might be very good reasons for you to have done it the way you did. If so, maybe it would be best for you to share them so that we can understand why you went with the existing image.

Anyway, my .02


Anonymous said...

Header, what header?
I'm here to read the stories, not look at pictures.

Rorschach said...

I gotta go with the majority here Dawg (including your Momma. Boy, you DO listen you your Momma now don't ya? =D) The Church Gun and the GGG Uncle's Badge would tell a much more personal story than some black powder flintlock. But hey, it's your site, if'n it's what YOU want, it's all good. Just finish the damned pink gorilla story for crying out loud, we're dying of curiosity here! =D

Anonymous said...

The flintlock is great. If you shoot one you are hooked. Remember the men and women of the Alamo. My .02 worth.