Monday, February 11, 2008


I have been gently reminded that not all of my Gentle Readers may get the inside joke about getting the cat tutored.

Next to Terry Pratchett, Gary Larson's classic "The Far Side" cartoons are my weakness.



Anonymous said...

Ehh, why do ya need 'em?

Superfluous pap like this gets dull pretty fast.

Funnily enough, not all of us get it it.

Take the Rand approach - We Have No Idea - Ha! Ha!

(i'm tired and spiteful.

kateykakes said...

The Far Side has long been my very fave. GREAT stuff. I love the warped sense of humor.

Douglas said...

Beware of Doug

Anonymous said...

One of my (many) favorites: Secret tools of crows. Every time I see crows picking at a flat 'possum at the side of the road, I look for the spatula...

Search high and low! Find the Halloween Special - it was aired just after Larson retired. It is animated Larson just as twisted, if not moreso, than the panel cartoons.

Shane said...

My favorite Far Side was a split panel: Welcome to Heaven, here's your harp / Welcome to Hell, here's your accordion.
I always wanted to get it put on a shirt to give to a friend's dad. As he wasn't allowed to use the accordion in the house, he'd sit on the porch with it getting the dogs to howl and scaring the neighbors.
Accordions must have been invented by the Old Ones.

Library-Gryffon said...

I always loved the Boneless Chicken Ranch.