Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Let's try that again.

Some time back, Ambulance Driver came up with the idea to run a linked series of blog posts, by different authors, about their perspectives and reactions to a fact-based, yet fictional, situation.

The first ever of these "Perspectives" posts involved MattG responding to a wreck from his view as a peace officer; followed up by AD as the responding paramedic and ending with BabsRN as the receiving ER nurse.

The series was an immediate runaway hit and was followed sometime later by a second series, this time using myself as the initial contact officer -- and (loosely) based on a real-life person from one of my early stories -- with AD back in the role of paramedic, and BabsRN in the ER.

This three-part story was -- again -- incredibly popular.

So much so, that we're considering taking another whack at it. The part of the first responder will be played by Your Humble Scribe -- again -- with AD back in harness as the paramedic, but for this outing, the part of the ER nurse will be played by the lovely MonkeyGirl and introducing Peter as the Critical Incident Counselor.

Hang on to your hats, Gentle Readers, as before there will be little -- if any -- humour, but given the Real Life Experience, not to say talent, of the other contributing authors, I think it'll be a crackin' good story.



Mr. Fixit said...

When can we expect the series? Soon? Like AD soon (he's hyper) or MattG soon (who has yet to get back to me).

Looking forward to it no matter when.

Mr Fixit

Matt G said...

Huh! I'm the last to hear anything, around here.

Fixit, we'll talk soon.

Anonymous said...

I will be waiting for the story to begin. I really enjoy them.Rick

Anonymous said...

The previous stories were well written and quite interesting. Any and all further additions are welcome!!

Jay G said...

Hmmph. Seems like no one ever wants the sales guy's perspective on things... *g*

Lookin' forward to the trifecta, everyone!

X_LA_Native said...

I'm looking forward to it!

Lissa said...

As I said to AD, "Yes please!"

momster said...

I can't wait it sounds really interesting.

Anonymous said...

Excellent--looking forward to it!

I very much enjoyed the first two.

Orion said...

What, no firefighters? No extrication? No traffic control and cleanup of the scene? :-D

*sniff* Nobody loves us...Oh...wait...EVERYONE loves us! Muahahaha!


Psychlone Ranger said...

Dang, 'Dog. I'm not sure I can stand another of these!

Do you have any idea how hard it is to read a computer screen through a veil of tears?

Y'all are ruinin' my reputation as a stoic, manly man!

Seriously, I'm lookin' forward to the next installment. Great writing!

Anonymous said...

"please sir, may i have some more" said the little boy with the bowl.

Sean said...

I'm looking forward to reading the accounts. The previous two installments have been gripping.

Ambulance Driver said...

Boy, I'll bet this one's gonna be epic!

If someone ever finishes his part, that is. *grin*

Matt G said...

For what it's worth?