Monday, October 06, 2008

Terry Pratchett

It is no secret around here that I am a huge Terry Prachett fan. I have -- I hope -- managed to spread my fondness for this writer amongst my various and sundry Internet friends.

So, the news that Mr Prachett had been diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's disease was a terrible, terrible shock.

By way of my friend Peter, we have a link to an article written by Terry Pratchett in which he describes his on-going experience with the disease.

It is a compelling read.



Outbreak said...

While I cannot come close to sympathizing with Mr Pratchett, I can sympathize with his family. My grandmother has been slipping, albeit slowly (thank God) into dimentia. Mr. Pratchett's condition as he describes it, is very similar to hers. Long periods of total lucidness punctuated by short bits of confusion. She has been known to confuse AM and PM, to forget to take her medication (which I have done many times in my mere 23 years), and to not remember where family members live. "Yes, Mommom, I'm still living in Texas," has been a monthly reminder for over a year. Today, we talked politics (She's still a die hard republican!) and she even remembered the litany of letters and numbers that identify the airplane I fly. I am grateful that my grandmother had over 80 years before she became less than sharp as a tack, and I pray she'll have many more even in her current state. I can only hope that Mr. Pratchett's family can still have the good times with him that I am still able to have with my Grandmother, for many years to come.

Moose said...

Geeze Law Dog, you had me worried there for a minute that Terry had passed today.

I was introduced to his books a little over ten years back when I was stationed in Germany. My german girlfriend gave me her copy of small gods after she had finished reading it for her english class. From that moment on I have not been able to walk through a bookstore without scanning the shelves for a title of his that I have not read yet.

It was a sad day when I learned (on this site) about the illness that he is dealing with, and it will be a sadder day still when we have lost him.

Pokerwolf said...

It's sad when a disease such as Prachett's arrives to take someone away.

I do hope, however, that when it is my time to leave this mortal coil that I get a fun ride on Binky.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I'm reading his latest- Nation- now. It's not Discworld nor any other series, the first such he's published since the earliest days of his career.

This article more or less confirms the sensation I've been having as I read that this is the one he had to write before his time ran out. I don't know if there will be any more, Discworld or no, but as a final word, it will certainly do.