Friday, March 20, 2009

Remember Tunnel 17!

By way of the Atomic Nerds, we have discovered the webcomic Digger.

Anything subtitled: "A Wombat. A Dead God. A Very
Peculiar Epic" is obviously going to be ... well ... epic.

The protagonist is a wombat engineer name of "Digger" -- trust me, it works.

While there is a great deal of humour in the story (snarky and otherwise -- watch for lizards), it is also leavened with some sadness and a great number of complex personalities.

Digger receives the LawDog Paw of Approval.


ps: Boneclaw Mother ROCKS!



Rick T said...

I followed the Nerds' link and have devoured the entire series to date. Now, what's going to happen next...

I agree, Boneclaw Mother is *the* alpha Bitch!

If you haven't read Digger yet, GO!!!

Big Bad Wolf said...

'Dog, are you familiar with Schlock Mercenary? Seems like a webcomic that would be more than right up your alley.

It's been running for more than a decade and yes, the early art kinda sucked, but he's gotten quite a bit better and the story lines are fantastic. One of his greatest creations is the "Seven rules of highly effective pirates", number one of which is of course 'Pillage, THEN Burn'.

I'm also a fan of 'If violence wasn't your last resort, then you failed to resort to enough of it', 'A soft word turneth away wrath. When wrath is looking the other way, shoot it in the head' and 'There is no overkill. There is only open fire and I need to reload.'

LabRat said...

Lovely, innit? The lizards are kind of a trademark- they seem to be what she draws when she's at a loss for anything else. They're always pink when she's drawing in color.

My personal favorite was the Boneclaw Mother Persuasion Technique as outlined by Grim Eyes.

Anonymous said...

Heh. Got addicted to it myself a while back. GREAT strip.

Go check out Brathalla tho .....

Anonymous said...

Or as we say in the Great Dark Horde:

"Pillage first, then bur, THEN rape: it's more romantic by firelight."

Anonymous said...

It's a great comic. The artist also has a blog ( which is quite amusing, and a DeviantArt account ( which has a huge amount of snarky, quirky and adorable art.

Anonymous said...

Good thing I found this on a weekend!


Trifith said...

Just what I needed Lawdog, Another comic to read, and a 2 year archive to work through first


No, Really.


CJR said...

Oh man.

I should have spent this past Saturday shooting, or getting ahead on my reloading, or even *shudder* finishing my taxes.

Instead I read the Digger archives front-to-back. Twice.

It's not very often that I fall headfirst into a story like that.

Anonymous said...

Heh. This on Tuesday and Thursday, and Girl Genius on MWF. My life is nearly complete.


Diane said...

I see I'm in good company, spending large chunks of a perfect early spring weekend sitting in front of the computer, devouring back panels of a comic strip. Graphic novel? No matter what, a fun read.

Didn't quite get up to current (darn it all, having to go to church!) - somewhere around 11/08.

Anonymous said...

As soon as I saw the art style, I thought "this looks like Ursula Vernon." I hadn't seen anything of hers for years, I'm glad she's still doing art.

Jay G said...

Off-topic, but AD told us to ask you where your "Perspectives" piece went... ;)

Nancy said...

Curse you LawDog, do you know how late you made me stay up so I could read the whole dang thing, and only updates 2X a week!!!!!!!

Love the story. Poor Ed. And who could resist a gallant shrew with two pet trolls?

Loren said...

I can give you plenty of comics you might like. I have the first volume of Digger, I need to find her at my next con and pick up some more.

Check and see if she's going to Furry Fiesta, it's in your neighborhood. You'll have to take the pink gorilla costume though.

Anonymous said...

Thanks,, nice comic,, I can't wait for more,, if ya have others to share let me know

Motomom said...

Thanks for the link! I was reminded of this other online serial that you might like, called Ninjai. Apparently, the project's been stalled for a while. You can get caught up online for free: