Sunday, August 23, 2009

For that which you are about to receive, may you be truly grateful.

The name of the Marine is David William Hedrick, at least, according to the information sidebar at the YouTube site.

And I do believe that I owe Mr. Hedrick a beer.

God bless the USMC.



armedandsafe said...

I was alerted to this last night and posted it to thefirearmsforum. I am chagrined that I did not think to pass it along to you.

Let me know when you are about to buy the man a beer. I'll join you.


Samantha Joy said...

The Nazis were socialists like the Democratic Republic of the Congo is a democratic republic. In other words, not at all. A name don't make a thing.

And I'd like to know where this man was doing all his screaming about the government "taking over" the automotive and banking industries when the Republican president began the process.

"It's not your right to decide whether I keep my current plan or not," he yells, and I have a hard time why he's getting so upset about something that they agree on.

I'm just not seeing anything substantive here. There are lots of good arguments to be made, and he's managed to successfully avoid all of them in favor of inaccurate one liners and cheap shots.

Strings said...

wow... I was just gonna say "A beer? I think he deserves a case!"

How was the socialization of the banking and auto industries started by a Republican president? First I heard of it was under the Current Occupant.

And I have to agree with the guy: many of us have kept OUR oaths to defend the Constitution: when will our elected officials start keeping theirs? Or is it going to take us explaining the "...enemies foreign and domestic" part?

Anonymous said...

Sadly, no, Strings. I work for a firm that was effectively nationalized (the technical term was that we were placed into conservatorship - the "conservator" being our regulator) while Bush & Co. was still in office. The AIG bailout also began while Bush was still in orifice (sic)...

SpeakerTweaker said...

I do believe that Marines are incapable of moving silently, what with their tendency to Clank When They Walk.

That was nicely done. Thanks for bringing it up.

Ten 80 said...

Rock on Marine!

Old Sarge said...

@samantha Nope, President Unicorn signed the bill, not W.
@anon Conservatorship, that means they were so badly managed that they lost their shirts, and their stock and bond holder's shirts, and the Feds took over to protect the depositors.

Please let me know when the beer party is, I have a donation to make.

@Speaker I don't clank, all my gear is carefully taped, rebberbanded or otherwise silenced.

Rob said...

The Nazis were socialists. They were not Communists in the Soviet sense.

These two groups hated each other, which is odd because their methods were similar.

The difference? Thc Communists owned the factories. The Nazis owned the factory owners. Both Central Control. Both freedom and citizen killing.

A difference which makes no difference is no difference.

Anonymous said...

I'll spring for a keg. Outstanding, just outstanding. I believe that the DC morons are having a nasty wake up call.

As for the Nazis v. Communists discussion and having had family lived under both Facism and Communism, I've been told that the basic difference is the color of their flags. Both systems just want to achieve the same thing: Absolute Power.

Drang said...

And I'd like to know where this man was doing all his screaming about the government "taking over" the automotive and banking industries when the Republican president began the process.
earning a medical discharge from the United States Marine Corps.

"It's not your right to decide whether I keep my current plan or not," he yells, and I have a hard time why he's getting so upset about something that they agree on.
You clearly have not been following the sage of Representative Baird. Baird is a Dumbocratic Party hack, who votes the party line and has been outed several times for avoiding any kind of accountability to his constituents. He has, in fact, made several promises to his constituents that he has failed to keep, significantly to "Read every bill before I vote on it."

And the commercial credit industry bailout was under President Bush, but, as noted, the rest of the (really egregious) socialist booshwa has occurred under His Imperial Majesty, Barack Hussein Obama I.

Mikael said...

Just to play devil's advocate here:

The nazis ran german industry very successfully. They took germany out of a recession into industrial economic boom.

So much for the old governement can't run anything efficiently line we see so much of.

What they did after that was totally reprehensible though.

Anonymous said...

Yes Mikael, and the Nazis 'efficiently' murdered over 2 million people because of their ethnic persuasion or because they were considered 'non-productive.'
My mother is 102 years old. She was graduated from high school at the age of 13, valedictorian, and began teaching school when she was 15. She spent something like 70 years teaching. She has a devoted following of ex-students, a Master's degree, and senile dementia. She loves parties, visitors, and food. She is 'non-productive.'
I am 71 years old, have several degrees including a PhD, and have worked hard to destroy the image many American present overseas. I have done everything from teaching a college class to waiting tables to home health aide (that's wiping feces off other peoples' asses, FYI) to keep my bills paid, provide a roof over my kids' heads, and keep our health insurance intact.
I have few health problems, but I do have some. Effectively, I am 'retired.' I am 'non-productive.'
I've one adult child who has many allergies, one with high blood pressure, and one with an inherited heart condition. All of them under the current POTUS' health plan, would be classified as 'too expensive.'
Now. I am not willing to sacrifice the lives of any of the five of us so that some layabout on Welfare who has never stuck with a job nor intends to, can have yet another illegitimate baby for which she will collect government money that the child will never see.
Nor am I willinto to sacrifice our lives so that some illegal (that's the operative word, folks) alien can have the health benefits we have worked and PAID for.

Rick R. said...


Better brush up on the "economic miricle" of Fascist germany again.

The German ecomonomy turned around when the REST of teh European economy started to turn around. The fact that they had been artififcally slapped down farther than the rest of Europe (primarily by the Treaty of Versailles) simply meant that when the artifical controls were lifted, the rebound effect -- that was occuring throughout Europe -- was felt to a much greater degree.

"Economic efficiency" (which was kinda the main thrust of teh fascist economic program) was pretty limp.

If you want to REALLY see what the German economic engine was capable of, I recommend you look at the 1950s for an example of how efficient the Germans were at making things go. (Yeah, there were other factors involved -- but I'm not asking you to compare West Germany in 1960 to Germany of 1938. . . I'm asking you to compare West German of 1960 to France of 1960 and Germany of 1938 to France of 1938.)

there are too many factors in a national economy to "rationalize" it, especially when said "rationalization" is being driven by ideolgical assumptions every bit as superstititious of the medieval Catholic Church.

BCFD36 said...

The video was at best misleading. We have no idea what was said before or after the rant from the Marine. As for what he actually said, he was wrong on several points, as has been pointed out by others.

He implies that the Constitution needs defending from the Congressman, and I guessing, any and all who are going along with the health care proposals. How is the congressman a domestic enemy? Can that be spelled out clearly? Convince me.

I see many problems with the Obama plan. It is a mess at best. But I don't see it as any worse than what we have now. Right now we already have rationing (by the insurance companies). We have people who cannot get medical care (preexisting conditions). We have people who have medical care who are STILL denied treatment (we're not going to cover that). Remember, the insurance companies are in the business of making a profit for their stockholders, not providing health care.

The guy is a Marine. He deserves the absolute best care he can get and the unflagging thanks from the rest of us for what he did. But probably he has no expertise in health care, economic policy, or anything else outside of the USMC. Were he to try to get private insurance, he would be out of luck.

Now the name calling and gnashing of teeth will begin. I will be called someone who hates the military, hates my country, a leftist, a communist, and all sorts of other things. Which will be based on nothing. I made no statements about what I believe except that the Obama Plan is a mess but maybe no worse than what we have now, and the Marine probably doesn't know much about health care.

So consider this: I am pro military. I did not vote for Obama (nor McCain but that was because of Palin). My son will shortly be in boot camp at Camp Pendelton, Ca. My nephew is at West Point. My brother served in Iraq. I believe that both sides lie and obfuscate and I don't trust either one. I just trust the conservatives less right now. That will probably change.

Kurt - Texas said...

I'll chip in for whatever we get this guy

Derius Thoran said...

BCFD36 and others.

Enemies foreign is pretty clear. Enemies domestic can be just as clear if you think about it a bit. We were founded as a Democratic Republic. We have a Constitution and other Founding Documents that tell us what our government is and is not allowed to do. A domestic enemy is one who does something that seeks to directly, knowingly violate, abolish, or undermine said documents and harm our country or remove our rights, and sometimes committing treason in the process.

If you look deeply at the backgrounds of more than one of Obama's close friends, and look deeply at the background of more than one of his appointed Czars, you will find very troubling things.

I will not name names, you can do your own research, but if this country is important to you, you will.

Several of his highly appointed advisers or "czars" have backgrounds in radical, violent movements, and more than a few are proudly named communists and socialists.

Last I checked Communism and Socialism were the enemies of our form of government and the enemies of freedom. He surrounds himself with criminals, tax cheats, known offenders convicted of treason against the U.S. and self proclaimed communists, socialists and other radicals.

If you surround yourself with people who believe and promote these things their whole lives, and you yourself have lived, befriended, and were indoctrinated and admired such people your whole life growing up, what does that make you?

And when you begin to enact known socialistic or communist policies, any student of history can tell you what is coming.

Does this count as a Domestic Enemy as defined in the Oath we took? You have to decide that for yourself, but how far would these current things gone on without men standing for freedom if this was just a few hundred years ago?

joe said...

If the congressman is supporting Obama's plan, that places him directly in opposition to the Constitution, which nowhere provides the federal government the authority to interfere. Of course, the same could probably be said about many of the areas in which our government is involved.

As for the plan being a mess but better than the current system, I respectfully disagree. In ANY economic system, there will be rationing of some sort. ALL resources are limited and have alternative uses. The question here is whether we want the government to handle that rationing or the free market. I prefer the free market, myself. It may not be a perfect system, but it's far better than any other that's ever been tried anywhere.

As for the efficiency of the "socialists" in Germany, let's consider the aftermath of the war. Some countries received Marshall Plan and other aid while others didn't. This aid was given, not to individuals or businesses, but to governments, which then distributed the money as they saw fit. It's interesting that those nations that received no funds tended to recover faster than those that did, and the economic recovery of recipients actually accelerated after funds were terminated and businesses had to sink or swim on their own. (See Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell for more details).

Always remember that with government money come government strings. If you think it's a good thing to provide others with health care, help yourself. Jump right in, buddy, but keep your grubby little paws off of my wallet.

Mikael said...

Lawmom, Rick, I wasn't really being all that serious.

But then, I don't really need to use a serious argument, the marine already lost by default. Godwin's law.

Old NFO said...


threadbndr said...

What I want out of this national debate is for our law makers to just STOP. Stop spending money they don't have, stop insulating themselves from the real world (thought we wouldn't notice that you kept your own very high quality private health care, did ya?), stop trying to strip our Bill of Rights of it's teeth (2nd Amendment anybody???)

This is the real world, boys and girls. People fail, businesses fail. When you fail, you pick yourself up, dust off your hands, figure out what didn't work and what did. And you try again. And again if needed. You don't sit there with your hand out waiting for somebody else to fix your life!

Should there be a safety net under the people who physically or mentally can't provide one for themselves - yes, and we certainly should do better at that.

But if you are able bodied and can work - then you work and you work hard. The Marine!Goth and I were just talking about this. Let's face it E-2 and E-4 (but bucking e-5) with a newborn - those kids know broke. They won't let me help; he's taking on a part time job. "Broke is fixed by hard work and a little luck. Poor, well begging is just pathetic." - another quote of the day from the USMC's finest LOL.

Derius Thoran said...

Term Limits on these lifelong Senators and Congressmen would go a long way to stopping most of this nonsense.

When someone gets to be in power for 20-30-50 years, that power and holding on to it becomes their passion, instead of serving their people.

They lose touch with the real world, and it all becomes about favors and who owes who what, or whatever they can do to keep their cushy job.

They begin to develop a "ruling class" mentality, and they want to impose their will upon us, instead of carrying out our combined will in Washington.

Term Limits. Something that should be on the mind of every American Citizen after this Administration's (and others) nightmare.

Drang said...

BCFD36 said...
The video was at best misleading. We have no idea what was said before or after the rant from the Marine. As for what he actually said, he was wrong on several points, as has been pointed out by others.

Actually, I know several people who were in the room at the time.
As I said before Baird is a party hack who has been spending his time up until this Town Hall meeting avoiding meeting his constituents; when even an in-the-tank (for him) newspaper started calling him on it, he caved and held this meeting.

A party hack: He will vote on ObamaCare however Peloshit tells him to, and he has said as much. He also parroted her characterization of the people giving libtard congresscritters (of all parties) Holy Hell at town halls as "Nazis in uniform with swastikas", apparently being too stupid to realize that his constituents--the people who voted him into office, the people for whom he works--might object to having him call them Timothy McVeigh-esque Brownshirts.

Anonymous said...

We need more than just term limits for all in Congress. We need them to be part-timers at minimum wage, and they should have to work at some other job to support themselves.

Oh, and they should all have to obey the same laws they want the rest of us to obey.

And failure to pay your taxes should not qualify you for a job in Obamarx's cabinet!


Anonymous said...

I totally believe that the adage that government is the problem is true. So in the name of a consistent argument I call for the end of medicare and medicaid. For those who paid into the system, you should get your contributions back, paid with market rate interest for the years the government held them. Any amounts that medicare or medicaid had paid back to those people would be subtracted from the rebate, not going below zero. Then we could let the private sector (you and I) take care of our elderly and infirm. Just like we did long before Liberal or Progressive policies took responsibility out of our hands. If government run health care is wrong, then what we have had for decades is also wrong. Its not right because its for our parents, and frankly its not right if its for our children. And for God's sake, if I keel over tomorrow without my wallet and insurance card on me, LET ME DIE. (Serious here, I don't have a RIGHT to be kept alive if I cannot pay. So why run me to an ER if I don't have that on me?)

Kristophr said...

Re-read Godwin's law some time.

You don't get to yell "Kings X" on the internet just because someone correctly points out that your economic policies really are Fascist by the correct definition of the word.

When this retard votes to put himself, his family, all other congress critters, the President, and all of the trade unionists on this state health dictat, then I'll believe him.

Not one second before.

LawDog said...

But then, I don't really need to use a serious argument, the marine already lost by default. Godwin's law.

Godwin's Law: "As a Usenet discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1."

You've lost me.

outside_of_apex said...

Kind of curious here. Do you all really believe that a government run health care system is equal to Nazism? Wouldn't that make most 1st world countries Nazis? What about Medicare and Medicaid? Wouldn't most of the surviving veterans that fought against the Nazis be using these programs?

If propaganda hit you in the face could you feel it?

There are many uninsured people today. If they require medical treatment that they are unable to afford, what happens? Are they treated or does someone else pay for them?

My father is a retired cardiologist. He's told me many stories about arguing with insurance clerks about trying to get authorization for a procedure without which the patient would die. He's told me many times how glad he is that I didn't follow his footsteps into the medical profession. It's a joke.

So, still curious, do you all think the status quo is good enough, or that some kind of reform is a good idea? As long as it isn't reform from the Nazi party?

LawDog said...

Kind of curious here. Do you all really believe that a government run health care system is equal to Nazism?

Yes. Government run health care is socialism.
Nazi = National Socialism.

Wouldn't that make most 1st world countries Nazis?

It would make most 1st world countries socialist. And, hey! What do you know -- they are.

If propaganda hit you in the face could you feel it?

Ask the man in the mirror. This government-run healthcare plan blatantly violates the Constitution. What was the propaganda that caused you to discard the founding document of this country?

Matt G said...

"You and some other people on the national political stage you called us Brown Shirts..."

"No, I did not. No I did not. And I apologized for that..."

At 1:09

threadbndr said...

I caught that, too, Matt - and I snorted Dr. Pepper up my nose......

Rorschach said...

Effing A! That man deserves a whole freaking brewery!

Jon - Oregon Appleseed Project said...

LawDog, I'll be meeting Mr. Hedrick at the Tea Party taking place in Portland, OR on Labor Day. (we're both slated to speak at that event) I'll be extending the offer of a beer or his choice of libation not just for me, but for those that are a little too far removed distance wise...

John B said...

Derius: As my late Mother pointed out "We Have term limits! It's called a Ballot Box." Term Limits is a ploy to force the will of those jam-packed eastern states upon the rest of us.