Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another view

My friend Peter over at Bayou Renaissance Man has been a great many things in his life, one of which is a priest in the Catholic Church.

This gives him an insiders view of the Church of Rome, which he uses to examine the sexual abuse scandals which have rocked the Catholic Church in four articles.

Very good reading, from a unique perspective; and recommended for my Gentle Readers.

Part One,

Part Two,

Part Three; and

Part Four.

Well done, Peter, and thank you.



Dad29 said...

And thank YOU for highlighting the series! It should clear up a lot of the silly-season MSM slanders.

rritter said...

Also, it's well worth reading even if you're not Catholic.

Old NFO said...

It is outstanding... no question!

Anonymous said...

Peter did an outstanding job and if you will note the problem with the church is more in the cover up than in the bad priests.
Any organization as large as the catholic church will have a few bad apples and they should be dealt with as quickly and harshly as possible.
What these priests did was criminal and in every case they should have been reported to authorities immediately.
I was raised in a catholic orphanage (St. James) and the priests were firm but decent men whose primary concern was helping the children in their charge.
Didn't know it then -- Do know it now. When I graduated HS I was so unsophisticated I didn't even know there was such a thing as homosexuality. The problem may lie in this area as most of the problems that have come to light have been men abusing boys.
Of course this may be a politically correct problem for the MSM to address as they may be called homophobic for mentioning this point of view. I do know that in my case I owe a lot to Father Doyle and Father Boland and will never forget them.
Paul in Texas

Alisa said...

Thank you for linking to this. My heart breaks for Peter, for being forced to make such a wrenching choice to keep his own honor and conscience intact. I suspect the pain that shows through in his writing is only a shadow of what he feels.

It was of tremendous value to me. I am not even Christian, and knew of the Church only what I had been able to find in hit-or-miss fashion of online reading. I learned more about Catholicism and how it works in reading this series than I had in the preceding 50+ times I've ridden this planet around the sun. That context makes the whole thing make sense, and it is lacking from the vitriol of the usual sources.

Thank you, Dog.

Anonymous said...,101/

Nashville Beat said...

LawDog, I owe you a solid for directing my attention to Peter's series. Thanks for sharing your excellent friends with us.

Anonymous said...

With all the understanding, and all the handwringing and all the forgiveness, there remains the fact that hundreds if not thousands of Priests of the Catholic Church committed heinous crimes, which in many cases were witnessed and known by other Priests of the Church. Why then are these men not in prison? Why have they not even received public censure?

I have very little respect or admiration for the Catholic Church.

I ask myself, "What would Jesus do?"

Gerry N.