Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Last October I wrote a wee piece about The Warrior Song, a soul-stirring and magnificent bit of music about -- and for -- our guys and gals out on the pointy end of the spear by Mr. Sean Householder and some friends.

All purchases of the music, and goodly percentage of T-shirts and hats, go to the Armed Forces Relief Trust.

Today we have been informed that Mr. Householder has done a version of The Warrior Song for the United States Marine Corps.

Oh, hell, yes.



Anonymous said...

Oo-Rah! Indeed!
Ulises from CA

Anonymous said...

mess with a Marine and expect to hear from his 119 very close friends.

Roger said...

I sent the URL to my son.
He's a former Marine that just graduated from Rutgers with a dual degree in mathematics and ecomonomics.

I've long known that the most wonderful words that a person can hear are: "US Marines Ma'am, we're here to get you out."


Doug said...

Ooo-Rah! Very nice.
USMC 1975-1978

emtgene said...

OUTSTANDING! Thank you, LawDog for posting this, and thank you, men and women of our armed forces. God Bless.

Diamond Mair said...

Semper Fi', LawDog, Semper Fi'



Bradley said...

From one inactive Dogface Soldier to the Devil dogs on the line. OO-Rah, you can take the front line, people like me, will guard your back.

Semper Fi.
94-99 US Army Signal

Kaeto said...

Mess with a Marine and you get the entire Corps and the entire Navy turning you into a puddle of goo.

Old NFO said...

I'll send this to my Jarhead buddies... :-)

stopsign said...

Loved it! Thanks for sharing!

Rick in NY said...

Loved it! I have family in the Corps, as well as some friends.

Thanks for sharing, Lawdog.

STxRynn said...

Wow, what a great song!!

In Memory of:
PFC C.S. Bryant USMC
KIA RVN May 1968

Rest easy Uncle Steve.

Anonymous said...

No better friend,
No worse enemy.

Semper Fi



Anonymous said...

I had the pleasure of introducing the "Warrior Song" to a bunch of grunts at a house party while I was stationed at Camp Johnson, NC. It made my month to see how moved they were by it and how to find it again to share once they got back to base.
Since you are the one who originally brought that song to my attention, I feel it's only appropriate to share that pleasure with you.

- HN-8404