Thursday, August 26, 2010

Shut your piehole and dance, monkey!

An articulate young lady I met at Christina LMT's last blog-party hits one out of the park.

Oh, very well said!



Christina RN LMT said...

What can I say? I only invite quality people to my parties! ;)

Thanks for the linky-love, LD.

Andy said...

Oh, thank you thank you thank you, LawDog...a perfect way to end the day!

Old NFO said...


Bemused stare said...

Now that is something most of the celeb crowd need to hear.

dfwmtx said...

True, but are you going to say it to *all* celebs, including the conservative ones? Would you have said to Charlton Heston, "Shut your piehole, get in the studio and make me another sword & sandal epic"? Are you going to say the same to Kelsey Grammer or Robert Downey Jr. now when they utter something you agree with?

Anonymous said...

This is one very smart girl!!
Celebraties by the very nature of their job, are not to be considered the sharpest tool in the shed, and their opinions are influenced by their lifestyle and environment. There are some exceptions, Ronald Reagan, Charlton Heston, etc. but this only proves there is an exception to every rule. As a rule. and as a group, most actors and actresses live in an unreal world and function in the real world accordingly.
Paul in Texas

Jennifer said...

Thanks LawDog!
Yeah, when they agree, I have to honestly admit that I don't say that. But they still aren't real. They still go away when I turn off the TV or shut down the computer. Even Bruce Willis.
Still, the only reason they even have a window into my life is that they do something that entertains me. It doesn't necessarily give them a platform that I should listen to. Now, in the case of Ronald Reagan and Charlton Heston, they had platforms that were not just as my own entertainment so they carry more weight.
And LawDog, if I haven't said so previously, it was a real pleasure meeting you.

Diamond Mair said...

LawDog, have you seen/heard about THIS: ?

I'm so damn angry, I could smoke a pickle!

Semper Fi'

chris edwards said...

Actors are like lawyers, they are paid in proportion to how well they lie (bit harsh on some lawyers but mine told me that) it is coincidence that some talk sense, maybe that is despite their acting ability (John Wayne comes to mind, Reagan was way better at president than acting) Check the actors who openly support your troops (Bruce Willis and the guy from CSI to name 2) and they are likely to be real.