Sunday, August 01, 2010


Long term readers of The LawDog Files are familiar with my brother, "Chris" as the dead-pan foil in a lot of my stories.

At the infrequent blog-parties Herself takes me to, folks familiar with my stories often ask me why Chris doesn't blog, and I reply that as introverted and anti-social as I am, Chris makes me look like a Beverly Hills socialite.

Well, no more!

Ladies, gentlemen and Gentle Readers, may I present:

Chris Ex Machina

Welcome to Blogworld, brother!



Bluefrog said...

Good stuff! Thanks, for the heads-up, LawDog!

rocketguy said...

The links to Nigeria stories reminded me - where is that book of Africa stories you talked about a while back?

Still interested in purchasing one (and recommending to everyone I know) should you decide to go through with it.

Old NFO said...

So NOW maybe we'll get the 'rest' of the story... LOL

Anonymous said...

Sorry to leave this here, but you're got spam on "You're Stealing Baby Jesus."

Buncha posts advertising world of warcraft stuff and polo shirts....

Spectre said...

Bravo. Looking forward to some spectacular offerings.

Orion said...

Hey LawDog, it's Orion - you may recall me from comments dating back a long time. :D

Sorry to be sticking this in the comments but I don't have your e-mail addy...It surely will NOT hurt my feelings at all if you delete it upon reading it and deciding that it's not appropriate...

I'm participating in a Firefighter's Stairclimb to raise funds for Cystic Fibrosis on 26-September.

Here's my post on it:

I was wondering if I could beg, borrow, or hack your password and steal the space (Yah, right! LOL) to help me raise those funds?

It should be a blast - I've participated in a few prior Stairclimbs
(tougher ones - 69 flights vs this one's 40) in Seattle for Leukemia,
but I wasn't as banged up then...(bad shoulder and knee from stupid
minor injuries in mean COMBAT injuries! Yah! *coughs* swapping a transmission in a Chinook counts as combat, right? I mean, we're fighting the clock, right? right? No? Drat. LOL)

Anyway, if you can float me a post to help drive a little traffic through the fundraising, I'd be very thankful!

Jeff (Orion)

PS: We were gonna ask the local constabulary to participate as well, but there's no Dunkin Donuts on the top floor. ;-) :P LOL! Forgive me! I had to!

Anonymous said...

long-time fan.
Can you please drop the truth-laid-bear link from your site. EVERY time that I check in, my browser hangs up waiting for his site. Last time it was more than three minutes on broadband just to see your latest post.


LawDog said...

And here I just got done doing that very thing.

dr mac said...

Asocial I believe, anti-social not a chance. Written in the highest regards.