Monday, October 18, 2010

Today's guilty pleasure:

Dog Soldiers.

A low-budget, but thoroughly enjoyable and surprisingly well-made, movie about a section of British soldiers hunted by werewolves in the Scottish highlands.

There is blood, gun-fire and assorted violence aplenty, but also some sneaky little puns and some pop references -- Sergeant H.G. Wells is the NCOIC, and his corporal is named Bruce Campbell

Everyone's favourite Roman centurion, Lucius Vorenus, is the main star, although Private Spoon takes the bikkie for Best Pwnage of A Werewolf Using Kitchen Utensils.

Quotable lines abound, and I have to say that this movie has the best last words ever uttered.

If you like B-grade horror movies -- or Larry Correia's books -- rent this movie, but be warned that it does have a 'R' rating for gore, violence and gratuitous use of British colloquialisms and/or adult language.


Tuesday, October 05, 2010

DIY Tip Of The Day:

Until you throw that breaker, Mr Electricity is Not Our Friend.

And, if you should happen to be standing on a Baker scaffold, his buddy Mr Gravity is a bastard, too.

Pretty sure my fillings were picking up a pirate AM station out of Tijuana just before I dirt-darted in.