Tuesday, January 17, 2012

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Robert said...

Oh, look, your number onw comment is spam. Ain't technology wonderful. Too bad SOPA isn't useful.

WV: sibrosa Like sub rosa but brought to you by the govt.

Robert said...

Correction: onw=one and Mr. LawDog dun killed it. BTW, when I tried to post my pre-coffee comment this morning, it appeared to not go through as the intertube seemed to no longer be available. Gah, I depend on this stuff too much.

WV: stritach A combination of strategy and tactic.

robert martin said...

the problem with that logo is its way too "Tame"
the "actual" one should

1 be full color
2 accuse the site of being pirates, terrorists and pornographers
3 be worded as if the site has already been CONVICTED of massive wrongdoing

John said...

check here for the full gov monty :