Tuesday, August 07, 2012


By now everyone has heard of the mass murder at a Sikh gurdwara in Wisconsin.

The evil little pismire who was responsible got centre-punched at the scene -- damned fine work by all involved -- and is facing his Eternal Judgement.

Having skimmed the theories being posited around the Mass Media, and around the Intarwebz, it seems that everyone wants an explanation as to why this bipedal maggot would do such a thing.

The only explanation necessary is this: He was evil. And I have no doubt that no small part of this act was the hope that he would gain notoriety from it.

He shall have none of that here.

Instead, we here at The LawDog Files wish to honour a man of peace present at the scene of the mass murder.

Satwant Singh Kaleka was a deeply religious man, who came to the United States from India in search of the American Dream.

He found it. Through his own hard work, he pulled himself from poverty to becoming the owner of several gas stations. He then turned the money he made to his community, helping to build the temple, where he became the president.

He was present, at his duties, when Evil slimed its way through the front doors of his temple.

One of the tenets of the Sikh religion is that adherents must carry on their person a knife, called a Kirpan. The Kirpan is a reminder that the carrier should have the courage to defend all those who are persecuted or oppressed.

In our enlightened, politically-correct times, however, this has caused some problems. The blade -- traditionally between six inches and three feet in length -- seems to be "intimidating" in the Age of the Common Man, and thus has been variously legally required to be "less than four inches", or blunted, or even sealed inside of its scabbard with glue.

I mention this because initial reports state that when Evil presented itself in his place of peace and began to slaughter those of his flock, 65-year-old Satwant Singh Kaleka did his level best to punch the ticket of the decades-younger murderer with what the Media has described as a "butter knife" -- a blunted blade, less than four inches in length.

Some Media reports indicate that there was a "trail of blood" from the spot where Satwant Singh Kaleka did his last duty as a Sikh and as a man; others do not mention it.

For myself, I choose to believe that Satwant Singh Kaleka went to his God with a smile on his lips and a bloody Kirpan in his hand.

Hoo-ah, sir.