Saturday, April 11, 2015


At the urging of Herself I volunteered to give a presentation regarding Critical Incident Stress following AD's Shooter Self-Care Course at the NRA Annual Meeting in Nashville.

Long time Gentle Readers know that I am screamingly introverted. Classes that I have taught have been military or law enforcement, and the students have generally been ordered to attend. The thought of speaking to people who actually wanted to attend has had me stressed to the point I spent Friday limping.

It is done - and unless people are blowing up my kilt - seems to have been appreciated.


I am now off to wander the floor. Remington has re-issued the 9mm R51 pistol that was such an embarrassment to them earlier, and swears that they have fixed the issues.

Methinks I need to buttonhole an engineer and ask questions.



ScribblersDad said...

Waitaminit... you? Introverted?
Come to think of it, you make Tam seem like an extrovert.
Glad to see you scribbling again, sorry to be missing everyone at NRAAM this year. Let me know how the R51 looks! All Best, -ScribblersDad

Drang said...

Excellent class. Like to be able to take the full thing next time.

SGM Lamb was saying related things in his session, BTW. (But his was SRO. Maybe it's the bearrd and tats.)

Comrade Misfit said...

Remington has re-issued the 9mm R51 pistol that was such an embarrassment to them earlier, and swears that they have fixed the issues.

Methinks I need to buttonhole an engineer and ask questions.

I'd be inclined to let a few thousand other people be the beta-testers on the R51.1

Anonymous said...

LD, I thought it went well. I know you didn't like that you were rushed due to the 1200/1300 confusion, but it was still informative & thought-provoking.
I know (or knew some time ago)where that "red line" is for me: after your talk, I realized that I need to review it periodically. Times & circumstances change, & so does what's important, & how much so.
I'm sure I'm not the only one who got something out of it.
From this blog, I know you're no extrovert, but you didn't come off as shy or nervous, or anything of the sort. Maybe talking about something important, that you care about & have dealt with, overcomes natural reticence.
--Tennessee Budd

JohninMd.(HELP?!??) said...

You were wearing a kilt? KOOL! Thank God you're writing, I've missed the stories you tell. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the class this morning. You and A.D. did an excellent job and I'm glad that I signed up for it. I look forward to seeing y'all next year in Louisville.


Anonymous said...

Tokarev, give me a clue--which one were you? I'm just curious, because I alternate between my 1911 & my TTC, depending on activity.
Pardon my not knowing, but I don't always tie names to handles. I'm a biker--I & most of my acquaintances go by other than our given names. A few times, I've not known a buddy's real name until I've seen it on the tombstone.
--Tennessee Budd

GaryM said...

Happy to see you expressing yourself again. I thought maybe Ferguson had done you in?

Anonymous said...

TN Budd, I was the strapping young man in the 2nd row, 2nd chair, closest to the door. I'm about to head out for my 3rd day at the convention as I still haven't been able to see and leave fingerprints on everything there yet!


Anonymous said...

Glad you're back, LawDog!!

Sorry to have missed the fun - you, Bayou Renaissance Man & Old NFO are aware of the "why".

Do you remember, at the Houston NRAAM, the shotgun that all the men were drooling over, that KelTec had copied most of their design? You weren't overly impressed with KelTec's version, but I'm certain to this day that ALL of the men in our group would have gladly handed over $1,20.00 for the original, had they the discretionary funds?

Again, glad you're BACK!!
Semper Fi'

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that should have been "$1,200.00"

Semper Fi'

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Tokarev, now I know which one you were. And a strapping young man you are! (I was behind you.)
Hope you enjoyed your time in TN. If you didn't--hell, even if you did--please don't judge all of our fair state by Trashville standards. Can you tell I hate that city? Then again, I hate all cities. That's why I live up in the woods. Just a curmudgeon, I am.
--Tennessee Budd

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed Kelly's class and your abbreviated talk. It would make an interesting 4-8 hour class on it's own. Your presentation was well done.

Nice to meet you after reading your blog for years.


Jennifer said...

Welcome back! I'm relatively new to your scribblings and love them!
Fellow INFP

Old NFO said...

You done good. :-)

Anonymous said...

I think I got a lot out of kelly's class and your little talk was very thought provoking. maybe that class needs to be about six hours in the future.

(the south jersey boy in the back corner)