Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Friend's book

My friend Peter Grant (also known as Bayou Renaissance Man) has his second Western book out.

Support starving authors!  Go read it!



Rick T said...

Bought, and in the queue for the weekend!

P. Lester said...

I still prefer to have a real physical book to hold but as soon as it comes out I am on it. Loved the first one. How long before your book comes out Law Dog? I will definitely want that one too.

Eccentric Cowboy said...

If you ever get the chance LawDog, you might be interested in my own humble scribblings. Definitely strange stuff but with enough imagination to choke a basking shark. :D

Keep up the amazing entertainment!

MAJ Arkay said...

Great books, both of them.

Rick T said...

And, it appears YOUR long awaited book is being edited as we speak!

Congratulations in advance Lawdog!

Do you have an estimated release date yet?

phlegmfatale said...
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